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Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design:  This is a method of website design that allows a site to adapt to different devices and screen sizes.  Whether you view the site on a large desktop monitor, laptop, tablet, phone or PDA, Creekside Village Community News will adapt and render properly.  Click, right-click or tap the images here to see them full size.

Home Page Header Features

Sidebar Icon
Sidebar Icon:  From the Home page, click or tap on the sidebar icon in the upper left to open the sidebar.  Here you will find an "Ask Creekside" email form, News Archive and post Labels or tags (see below).  If you're using a particularly large browser window, the sidebar may already be open and the icon will not appear.

Subscribe Link
Subscribe Link:  In the center of the Home page header, is an oval containing the word "Subscribe."  Click or tap this to open a dialog.  Enter your email address and new posts will automatically be forwarded to your email.  You may unsubscribe at any time, and no shareable email list is created.  It's basically an RSS feed.

Search Icon
Search Icon:  Click or tap the little magnifying glass icon to search the website.  A search field will open in which you can enter a word or short phrase.  News posts and site pages will be searched for matching words or phrases.  When searching, generally less is more.  "Parking" will be more successful than "guest parking" or "parking lots."  Try it.

Page Tabs
Page Tabs:  Page Tabs allow visitors to navigate the site.  Click or tap the page name to view the corresponding page.  The current active page will be underlined and boldfaced.  When viewing the site on a phone or tablet, the page tabs may be reduced with a "More..." link.  Touch "More..." to access additional pages.

Sidebar Features

Ask Creekside
Ask Creekside:  The first element in the sidebar is an email form.  Residents may use this to ask questions, offer feedback or make suggestions.  Email address and message are required.  These are received by the site administrator who will forward them to the appropriate party.  Tap the back-arrow or click out of the sidebar to close it.

News Archive
News Archive:  The second element in the sidebar provides links to all news posts dating to the beginning of the site.  This is a useful feature to look back through the entire history of news posts.  If you haven't visited the site in a while, you can use it to help catch up.  Click, right-click or tap the images on the left to open them full size.

Labels:  Also known as tags, labels are appended at the end of News posts to indicate major topics covered.  They become links to posts covering those topics.  For example, if you wish to find all posts referring to the work of the Hospitality Committee, click or tap the Hospitality label.  Early in the site's history, the sidebar list may not yet be all encompassing.  New labels will be added when those subjects are covered in posts.

Post and Page Features

Hyperlinks:  Texts appearing in blue are hyperlinks.  These will link to a page on this or another website.  Links to other websites will generally open in a new tab.  If it is an email address, the link will open the email client on your device.

Back Arrow
Back Arrow:  News posts are listed on the Home page in a truncated form.  The newest post will be featured at the top of the list with an enlarged image.  Clicking or tapping the blue "Read More" link will open the entire post.  Click or touch the back arrow to return to the Home page.

Labels:  As noted above, labels (a.k.a. tags) appear at the end of posts and itemize major subjects covered.  All labels will be listed in the sidebar.  Click or tap one in a post or in the sidebar to find all posts referring to that subject.

Now you're ready to boldly go and explore your website.  Click and tap at your heart's content to discover what is there.  Try things out and see what happens.  If you run into problems or have suggestions, contact us with the "Ask Creekside" email form in the sidebar.  Most of all, have fun with it.

Dave Wenning