Anacortes Fiber Internet Update

Just a quick update I thought worth sharing.  Ian Houben in the Anacortes Fiber Internet office sent me a link to their news updates.  It looks like a good source of information for anyone wanting to keep up with their progress.

One noteworthy article from GeekWire caught my eye.  Geekwire is a national technology news site based in Seattle.  Their primary focus is the Pacific Northwest which, as you know, is a U.S. technology hub.  The article describes Anacortes' broadband initiative.  I thought the most interesting point was the city's plan to use existing water lines for installing the cable.  Metaphors like "information river," "streaming," "data flow," and "digital water cooler" will literally come to life in Anacortes. 

Both the city and the Creekside Board are encouraging residents to fill out and submit the non-binding order form.  The more interest they get from us, the sooner it will come to Creekside.

Dave Wenning