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Creekside Village Newsletter - May, 2020

Message from the Board of Directors:  Spring is here--time for owners to perform annual preventive maintenance. Be sure to add these important items to your “TO DO” list:

Fire Hazard. Lint that builds up in dryer vents is a major fire hazard. If yours have not been cleaned recently, it might be time for professional service. Most vents terminate to the exterior at the back of the building; be sure to check that the “flapper” on the exterior at the end of the duct is opening and closing properly and might require replacement.
Vent the foundation and crawl space: Remove the Styrofoam covers from foundation vents to prevent moisture accumulation and development of mold and mildew in crawl spaces.
Inspect crawl spaces for leaks in exterior pipes and valves. Access to crawl spaces is not easy in many homes, and some may require a professional. Use the Home Maintenance and Repair form to report any issues, especially leaks and excessive moisture right away.
Inspect deck surfaces for deteriorati…

Directors' Meeting Minutes - May, 2020

DATE:Thursday, May 21, 2020 PLACE:Zoom Room via Internet
BOARD MEMBERS:  Kathy Anderson, President Craig Illman, Vice-president Peggy Noethlich, Secretary Norm Culbert, Treasurer MINUTES:Alice Dickey
QUORUM:  President Anderson asked if there was a quorum.Alice Dickey stated all 4 Board member present.
PRIOR MEETING MINUTES:  President Anderson asked for a thumbs up from Board members if had read April Minutes, all had.Norm Culbert made a motion to approve April Minutes as written, Peggy Noethlich seconded, all in favor by thumbs up, motion passed.
CORRESPONDENCE:Alice Dickey said all that has come in were service requests that were handed off to person in charge.Nothing outstanding that hasn’t been answered.
PRESIDENT’S REPORT:No enforcement activities.Continues to work on Mission Statement.Developing new chapter in Rules & Regulations to help with Board activities.


Hospitality:  [...]* has reached out to committee m…

Creekside is Zooming

The Board of Directors and a few committee members celebrated the achievement of a major goal this month as they “ZOOMED” into the twenty-first century.   Yesterday, the Creekside Board's May workshop was conducted over the internet.  What started as a nod to public health safety and social distancing might become a permanent trend.  For the time being, at least, the plan is to continue Board meetings in this manner.

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing app that allows group members to meet online from their own homes or offices.  Skype and Webex are similar tools.  Each member can see the others on their screens.  If you have been watching the news lately, you have seen hosts interviewing guests remotely.  Zoom is one of the tools being used for this.  Yesterday's Senate hearing was conducted, in part, using similar services.

Pictured in their Creekside “Zoom” meeting rooms left to right, top to bottom are attendees Kathy Anderson, Lee Worthy, Norm Culbert, Alice Dickey, Cr…

Creekside Weather Station Offline

If you have checked the Creekside Weather page in the last 24 hours, you have noticed that it is offline and not currently updating.  I am in the process of migrating all of my work from Windows to an Apple Mac environment.

I have been a DOS and Windows user for almost 40 years.  In 1982, I bought one of the first IBM PC's available in western Washington.  I made the leap to Windows in 2004.

But also, for the last 10 years or so, I have worked my way up through Apple iPod touch, iPads, iPhone and most recently, the Apple Watch.  I have enjoyed the way all this stuff works together.

I also appreciate Apple's philosophy regarding privacy.  Microsoft, on the other hand, has become aggressive about coercing the use of things I don't want, like Cortana and Edge.  This aggressiveness concerns me as a privacy issue.

I started thinking about changing when after retiring, I realized I no longer needed the power of Microsoft's Office apps.  After constant updating, they are …

Directors' Meeting Minutes - April, 2020

DATE:  Thursday, April 23, 2020  PLACE:  Electronic
BOARD MEMBERS: Kathy Anderson, President          Craig Illman, Vice-president                  Peggy Noethlich, Secretary         Norm Culbert, Treasurer MINUTES:  Alice Dickey
RESIDENTS PRESENT:  No in-person meeting due to “Stay Home Stay Healthy” order.
CALL TO ORDER: President Anderson gathered all information/reports electronically, forwarded to Alice to write Minutes.
PRIOR MEETING MINUTES: Kathy Anderson made a motion to approve March Minutes as written, Craig Illman seconded, all in favor, motion passed.  (Vote by email)
Note from resident that is out of town having cancer treatments, said she is “very blessed and thankful for all the residents in Creekside”.  President Anderson sent a return note with our well wishes.
Enforcement Efforts: The Association imposed penalties for parking violations, and as of this date the owner appears to be in compliance.
Per Norm Cul…

The Apple | Google Exposure Notification System: Everything You Need to Know

You may have heard about the joint venture between Apple and Google to track exposure to the Covid-19 virus using smartphones.  Stated simply, it will be a system to determine if you may have been exposed to the virus, and what you should do in response.  When it's released, Android and iPhone users will need to decide whether to opt in to the tracking system.

The following link is a brief description of the system:

Everything you need to know to opt in, understand and use the system is described in the following link:

While this information comes from the Apple side, I assume it will work the same way for Android users.  If I find specific Android articles, I will add them to this post.  Let me know if anyone finds such articles.
Dave Wenning

Creekside Village Newsletter -- April, 2020

Message from the Board of Directors: Welcome home, Snowbirds!! We’re happy to see you and wave a big hello--from a safe distance, of course, so we can all stay healthy and well.  Neighborly Support Continues.  While maintaining social distancing guidelines, Creekside’s Hospitality and Welcoming Committees will continue to help neighbors who might need assistance. Contact the chairpersons of those committees to make arrangements.  You can find their contact information on the current Creekside phone list.
Hospitality Event: Our next scheduled lunch is tentatively planned at Bastion's Brewing, just off Highway 20, on June 10th. Hopefully, by then we will be able to gather and still accommodate our health and safety concerns.
Welcome, Neighbor!New neighbor Pat moved to Creekside Lane this month from Oak Harbor, where she worked for many years at the Senior Center and coordinated world-wide travel and tours. Like most of us, Pat is looking forward to more "normal times," when …