Creekside is Zooming

The Board of Directors and a few committee members celebrated the achievement of a major goal this month as they “ZOOMED” into the twenty-first century.   Yesterday, the Creekside Board's May workshop was conducted over the internet.  What started as a nod to public health safety and social distancing might become a permanent trend.  For the time being, at least, the plan is to continue Board meetings in this manner.

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing app that allows group members to meet online from their own homes or offices.  Skype and Webex are similar tools.  Each member can see the others on their screens.  If you have been watching the news lately, you have seen hosts interviewing guests remotely.  Zoom is one of the tools being used for this.  Yesterday's Senate hearing was conducted, in part, using similar services.

Everybody say "cheeese"

Pictured in their Creekside “Zoom” meeting rooms left to right, top to bottom are attendees Kathy Anderson, Lee Worthy, Norm Culbert, Alice Dickey, Craig Illman, Peggy Noethlich, Sue Worthy, and Dick Walsh.  Click or right-click the picture to see it full size.

Naturally, a bit of internet culture has accompanied the upsurge in online meetings.  People are fascinated by and critiquing the backgrounds of individuals' meeting spaces.  Now, what would @RateMySkypeRoom think of this bunch?