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Coronavirus Update: Stay at Home Order Alternatives

Under Governor Inslee's Stay-at-Home Order, we are permitted to shop for groceries, visit pharmacies and gas stations, order take-out meals and do banking.  But even these limited activities are risky at this time.  There are some alternatives that will help to minimize the risk.  Remember, it's touching things and being close to other people that spreads the virus. In no particular order, here are some other options I have found.  I will add more to the list as I find them.  If you know of others not included here, please send them to me.  Use the email form in the sidebar of this site. Costco offers 1-day and 2-day home delivery of grocery items for members.  I have noticed many items are out of stock and this can change moment to moment.  Check their site frequently.  Dog food availability has been a particular problem. Costco Pharmacy  also offers home delivery of prescriptions for members. The Market at Anacortes is offering curbside pickup for phoned-in gro

Social Distancing 101

Coronavirus Model Image:  CDC We're hearing a lot about "social distancing" lately.  What might sound like new age psychobabble really just means keeping a physical distance from other people who might be infected with the Covid-19 virus . This reminds me of the 1980's when healthcare workers had to find ways to protect themselves and others during the AIDS epidemic.  What developed was a system called "universal precautions."  The first rule of universal precautions was to assume everyone you encountered was infected with the HIV virus.  These practices continue to this day as standard procedure.  This is why dentists, physicians and other care givers wear gloves and other barriers when attending patients.  We don't think twice about it. "Assume every person you encounter is infected with the virus." This is not an insult to your friends and neighbors.  This is a way to express love and friendship.  It becomes a reminder to maintain