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Cutting the Cord 101

Image via vpnsrus The prospects of affordable, high-speed internet service from the City of Anacortes got me thinking about my options for television.  I grew up in a time when watching TV meant putting an antenna on the roof or using "rabbit ears" to receive the signal.  Eventually, we had six channels available, but nobody where I lived could get channel 7.   In the seventies, cable TV and satellite dishes were becoming common.  They solved the problem of poor signals, and were able to deliver a larger variety of content.  Unfortunately, these advantages could be offset by monopolistic pricing and corporate indifference to customer service.  As a movie fan, I've also noticed that offerings from cable TV have been declining steadily over the past five years or so.  A lot of the best films were ending up at streaming services.  After forty-one years of cable and satellite subscriptions, I found myself dissatisfied with all of it. Now it's possible to receive televisi