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Local Newspapers have New Digital Editions

  Who knew?  Well, I didn't.  The old Apple iOS GoSkagit app was terrible, and virtually unreadable.  It's been a year or two since I had looked at it.   Then came mail delivery of the Skagit Valley Herald.  Since I don't pick up my mail every day, that wasn't working for me at all.  I was on the verge of cancelling, but thought I would take one more look at the digital version. I searched "Skagit Valley Herald" in the Apple app store, signed in, and was I ever surprised by what I found.  Instead of small, unreadable print and getting firehosed with ads and auto-playing videos, there was a beautiful digital image of the printed edition.  It was also much nicer than the newsprint version.  I mean, really nice!  It was presented article by article, page by page, just like the newspaper.  This Apple (and I assume Android) app is completely new.   First, if you've not done so already, you'll need to create online accounts for either the Skagit Valley Heral