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Directors' Meeting Minutes - December, 2020

DATE:  Thursday, December 17, 2020  PLACE:  Via Zoom  -  Residents were notified of the Board meeting and invited to join. BOARD MEMBERS:  Kathy Anderson, President                Marilyn Herst, Vice President               Peggy Noethlich, Secretary               Norm Culbert, Treasurer                Lee Worthy, Member-at-Large MINUTES:  Alice Dickey CALL TO ORDER:  President Anderson called the meeting to order at 8:40. QUORUM:  Alice Dickey confirmed all 5 Board members were present.   PRIOR MEETING MINUTES: Peggy Noethlich made a motion to approve November Minutes with the correction to RV Committee report changing $25/mo to $30/mo, Norm Culbert seconded, all in favor, motion passed. CORRESPONDENCE:   1.  Per Alice Dickey – none this month. Alice Dickey asked for decision regarding 10% holdback on Simply Yards payments.  Peggy Noethlich made a motion to release the holdback, Kathy Anderson seconded, all in favor, motion passed. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1.  After discus