Creekside Village Annual Meeting - 2021


Annual Meeting - 2021
We Zoomed Into 2021

DATE & HOUR: Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

PLACE: Via Zoom – Residents were notified of the meeting.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Kathy Anderson, President

                           Marilyn Herst, Vice President

                          Peggy Noethlich, Secretary

                                Norm Culbert, Treasurer

                                Lee Worthy, Member-at-Large   

MINUTES:  Alice Dickey


CALL TO ORDER: President Anderson called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.  

QUORUM: Alice Dickey stated there was a quorum, 27 in attendance plus 18 proxies for a total of 45.  

PRIOR MEETING MINUTES:  Peggy Noethlich made a motion to approve the minutes of the 2020 Annual Meeting, Norm Culbert seconded, all approved, motion passed.

PRESIDENT REPORT:  Kathy Anderson said a high priority this year and going forward is keeping everyone informed.  Thanks to Mary Robbins for taking the input from various sources and putting together the monthly Newsletter, also thanks to Dave Wenning for creating the Website and keeping it updated.  

For those of you familiar to using Zoom, would be nice to offer to help a neighbor who doesn’t know how – once we have our vaccines and feel confident being around people.  

Explained the difference between the workshop (don’t take official actions, do discuss the issues) and the Board meeting (do take official actions).  All owners are invited to both, agenda provided prior - the goal is full disclosure.  

In 2021 you will be seeing ballots for revisions to the governing documents to bring them in agreement with the state laws.  There is an update to the Reserve Study in process which is required every 3 years by state law.  Three years ago were at 60% funding, the new study will tell us our progress.  

Kathy thanked the volunteers, committee chairs, and project leads – all have really stepped up to help perform the work needed to run Creekside.  Since we are self-managed these people are very important.  A big thank you to Norm Culbert for four years of dedicated service as Treasurer.

TREASURER REPORT:  Norm Culbert said he is very excited about the achievements that have been made.  Great steps forward to show Operations and Reserves in a clearer format.  He asked for questions on budget paperwork provided with the meeting packet – what is a good amount for funding.  

Norm explained the process of the reserve study.  Norm also talked about monies received over his four years, amount allocated to Reserves, spent from Reserves, and CD growth.  Amount in Reserves as of 12/31/20 was $705,085.  He has separated Reserve spending between Short Term and Long Term. 

There will be some big expenditures in 2021 – final year of painting (4 year plan, life 12 years), roads, sprinkler head replacement, and gutter replacements.


Maintenance Summary:  Peggy Noethlich said in 2020 found some water damage and fascia rot when doing the painting.  Due to those issues and Creekside being 30 years old we are having full building inspections by a licensed contractor.  So far has inspected 44 units, found few problems, nothing major.  Reports will be sent to individuals owners when process finished.  While contractor is doing the inspections he is also doing some routine maintenance (reset chimney caps, lag bolt decks to buildings, etc.).  Full building painting started in 2018 in Circle, will finish this year in Place.  

Simply Yards will be doing some pruning where plantings are too close to buildings.  

Roof moss is still a problem, she thanked Jerome Robbins for all the research he’s done for best method to take care of it.  Roofs had been sprayed in June, again in December, moss is still growing.  Having some effect, but not as quick as would like.  Going to test the soft brush method to clean the roof of established moss on one building.  Now treating moss twice a year, same time as gutter cleaning done – had been done this way in the past, but got away from it.  

Gutters are the number one complaint in Creekside, there has been budgeted $55,000 to replace gutters in 2021, this would do approximately 10 buildings. She said Doug Gray has been doing the work to get bids from 3 gutter companies.  She said we’re completing a large investment in repainting all the buildings, need metal flashing installed at the roof edge to prevent fascia rot, flashing would be done during or right after gutter replacement.  Peggy recommends to owners and the Board replacement of the gutters on all the buildings in 2021 to prevent water damage.  

Peggy said during the windstorms we had four trees fall, two on buildings, one on 2108 Circle the other on 2104 Circle – thankfully no one was hurt.  The first created enough damage to go beyond our insurance deductible, the other was just under the deductible.  Several dying trees were removed at the beginning of 2020, has made the remaining trees vulnerable to the wind, having an arborist check them out as part of the annual tree assessment.  Asked for comments/ questions – Lee Worthy suggested a wind sail cut to make remaining trees less resistant to wind.  Jo Critchlow (2108 Circle) just wanted to say thank you for fixing her house up so quickly and so well after the tree fell on it. 

Gutter & Downspout Replacement:  Doug Gray has been working with three companies for full gutter replacement.  He said they were doing it on a building style basis so can choose whether to do all at once or spread it out.  All have indicated could do entire Village in about 30 days.  Final company will be looking at triplexes on Saturday then turn in their bid.  Need to finalize details on filtering then can get better picture of what the total cost will be.

Window Replacements:  Dick Walsh said the common lifespan for double pane windows is 20 years, Creekside is 30 years old.  We replace the glass when the seal goes bad, in 2020 there were 10 addresses that needed replacements (25 units) for a cost of $8534.  Budget was $7500, will stay the same for 2021.  There were some screen questions – owners can have repaired or replaced and turn in invoice for repayment.

Roadways:  Norm Culbert said will be doing 4 aspects of road work in 2021 – first will be cleaning including moss kill, then redo the crack filling (won’t have the tar strips), then replace a bad section on Place, lastly a seal coat over the entire area including guest parking and RV lot.  Will have to work around fiber optic installation and weather.  Getting bids, probably be in the $63,000 to $65,000 range. Question came up about spot in RV lot that is lower than drain, Norm made note to mention to contractors for solution.  Discussion about moving vehicles out of RV lot, not being able to drive on road when seal coat put down.  Will be lots of communication with owners about timing.

Sprinklers:  Norm Culbert said Jerry Switzer has done a great job the last few years keeping the system going, also developed maps of the system.  Norm said four new controllers were installed last year, this year they will be replacing sprinkler heads with ones that are more efficient – use less water, better coverage.  In the future if a valve goes bad, which requires digging to get to the box, will replace all valves in box at the same time.  Experts have said we should see a 25% savings in water cost.  Lee Worthy thanked Norm for negotiating excellent prices for controllers and sprinkler heads, said there is $45,000 budgeted for sprinkler head replacement in 2021.  This will give us a virtually new system, except for underground piping, at a price much less than in the Reserve Study. 



Architecture:  Dick Walsh said was quiet early part of 2020, probably due to Covid. The following requests were approved:  Hand rail by steps, screen/storm door, increase of deck size to match adjoining unit, 2 tube type skylights, 6 tube type skylights.  Any additions to exterior remain the owner’s responsibility for maintenance, and is passed on to future owners.  Another owner wants to increase size of deck, is on side of unit so would be in common land.  This area backs up to the easement that is part of the lawsuit, request tabled until we go to court.  Lee Worthy said recording the owner responsibility with county for exterior improvements is not required at this time.

Hospitality:  Mary Robbins said had one event where could meet face to face early in the year, then went kind of dormant.  Now doing Happy Hour via Zoom, next is March 10th at 5:00.  Hope this summer neighbors have some driveway, socially distanced, get togethers.

Landscape:  Gretchen McIndoe said they had Simply Yards move eight large boulders to grass area close to D Avenue gate to prevent large trucks from making ruts while trying to turn around.  Will probably add some signage warning no egress to D Avenue.  

Will be doing some stump grinding of vine maples that were taken out, and possibly some rhody stumps, depending on price.  Talking to Olsen and Pioneer.  Won’t be able to replant until next year, have to let the stump further decompose.  

On the walk around last year was found several large trees need limbing to get away from the building, will be getting bids for that.  

Renewed the Lawnboy contract with changes to products being used to be more eco-friendly and cut out duplications.  The savings realized by doing this will be used to aerate the lawns this spring, help with water usage, fertilizer, have healthier lawns.  Got an excellent price – about $2500 from Simply Yards.  People will be notified when all these things occur.

RV:  Lee Worthy said RV is a team effort.  Paul [...] handled for years, and is still part of the team.  Lee said Paul was very helpful letting him know the history, and the things that needed to be done.  John [...] has been the team for a long time, Robin [...] has stepped up to help out a little bit.  Newest member is Norm Culbert.  RV is the only profit center for Creekside, last year it created $10,063 in revenue that flowed directly to the Operations side.  There are 23 of the 28 spaces rented, the 5 vacant are 25’ at $30/month.  We only rent to owners, friends, and family. 

Welcome:  Carolyn Walsh thanked her committee – BJ Kim, Jeanne Robeson, Pat Brown, Peggy Noethlich, Gretchen McIndoe, and Joe Herst.  They had met in August (in garage, socially distanced) to discuss best way to handle contacting new residents.  Carolyn makes the initial call at new owner’s convenience, welcomes them, and lets them know committee members will be doing follow up calls. Welcomed 7 new owners in 2020. Said if anyone would like to join the committee to please give her a call, is a great way to meet your new neighbors.


Lawsuit:  Norm Culbert explained that we countersued our neighbors after they cut down our tree and we replanted, they then sued us saying it blocked their view.  This has been going on for 4 years, due to Covid the courtrooms have been closed for several months, have a court date set in April.  Neighbors still arguing whether tree was on our property, they have just recently had a surveyor checking property lines (we had our lines surveyed when first happened).  Insurance is paying our cost for legal fees.


Alice Dickey said she and Pat Gardner counted ballots.  Received 50 ballots - there were 5 openings on the Board and 5 candidates running – all have been elected.  New directors are: Kathy Anderson, Doug Gray, Marilyn Herst, Peggy Noethlich and Lee Worthy. They will stay after this meeting to decide on offices.


  1. Dave Wenning said he has taken a screen shot (gallery view) of all in attendance to post on the website.  There are 27 so pictures will be small, if anyone does not want their picture included please contact him.  [Editor's note:  No requests received.]
  2. Norm Culbert said being on the Board sounds like a lot of work, but is also a lot of fun.  A great group of people, always willing to pitch in and help.
  3. Lynn K. wanted to thank all of the Board members for the work they’ve done.


Norm Culbert made motion to adjourn meeting, Marilyn Herst seconded, all in favor, meeting adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Alice Dickey

HOA Administrator

New officers:

     Peggy Noethlich – President

     Lee Worthy – Vice-president

     Marilyn Herst – Secretary

     Kathy Anderson – Treasurer

     Doug Gray – Member-at-Large