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Rainbow at Dusk

 On 4-28-24, 8:05 PM, with light drizzle, has a rainbow found our new owl sculpture?   Slightly to the left, the T-Mobile cell tower catches the last glow of the setting sun.

Meet Creekside's Spirit Animal

  A group of Creekside owners proposed an idea for beautifying the 18-foot “tree stump” located in the grassy area behind the sign at the H Avenue entrance. The proposal was to commission a local chainsaw wood-carver artist to carve sections of the stump in a manner that complements our natural environment. The Chairs of the Landscape and Architecture Committees, two Board members, and a few interested owners met with artist George Kenny at the site to consider options. The result is the amazing sculpture shown above.  You can visit George Kenny's Chainsaw Carving School in Allyn, Washington near Hood Canal.  As an aside, Allyn is just a stone's throw from where I grew up. To the indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast, "Owl is viewed with deep respect because it possesses the sacred knowledge of our ancestors. Owl represents wisdom and intuition, and is associated with the moon and nighttime. Owl is a bridge between the physical and spiritual world."  Other

A Guide to the Colored Paint Markings on Creekside Roads

  As you know, the City of Anacortes is finally bringing their fiberoptic internet service to Creekside.  This will require some trenching and underground work to accomplish.  While taking my occasional "Grand Tour" walks around the campus, I was curious what the utility marking colors meant.  Since I thought others might also be curious, here is a chart of what each color signifies.  As indicated, the white markings show where the new fiberoptic cable will be buried.  Marking all the locations of existing utilities is intended to prevent disturbing or damaging them by new excavations.   According to the letter from the city, they will use an underground boring machine to place conduits for much of the work.  I lived on a cul-de-sac in Sedro Woolley when the TV cable was installed in 1980.  I came home from work, and the only clue anyone had been there was the cable sticking out of the ground at the foundation of the house.  Not so much as a stone had been disturbed. The lett