A Guide to the Colored Paint Markings on Creekside Roads


As you know, the City of Anacortes is finally bringing their fiberoptic internet service to Creekside.  This will require some trenching and underground work to accomplish.  While taking my occasional "Grand Tour" walks around the campus, I was curious what the utility marking colors meant.  Since I thought others might also be curious, here is a chart of what each color signifies.  As indicated, the white markings show where the new fiberoptic cable will be buried.  Marking all the locations of existing utilities is intended to prevent disturbing or damaging them by new excavations.  

According to the letter from the city, they will use an underground boring machine to place conduits for much of the work.  I lived on a cul-de-sac in Sedro Woolley when the TV cable was installed in 1980.  I came home from work, and the only clue anyone had been there was the cable sticking out of the ground at the foundation of the house.  Not so much as a stone had been disturbed.

The letter from the city also states the work will begin in mid April and continue for about two months, weather permitting.  Cable service will be available "several months" after that.