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Anacortes Fiber Internet Update

Just a quick update I thought worth sharing.  Ian Houben in the Anacortes Fiber Internet office sent me a link to their news updates .  It looks like a good source of information for anyone wanting to keep up with their progress. One noteworthy  article from GeekWire  caught my eye.  Geekwire is a national technology news site based in Seattle.  Their primary focus is the Pacific Northwest which, as you know, is a U.S. technology hub .  The article describes Anacortes' broadband initiative.  I thought the most interesting point was the city's plan to use existing water lines for installing the cable.  Metaphors like "information river," "streaming," "data flow," and "digital water cooler" will literally come to life in Anacortes.  Both the city and the Creekside Board are encouraging residents to fill out and submit the non-binding order form .  The more interest they get from us, the sooner it will come to Creekside. Dave Wennin

Anacortes Fiber Optic Internet Will be Available to Creekside...

...someday. As many are aware, the City of Anacortes has been planning to offer high speed internet service to its residents and businesses.  I contacted them to find out if this would include Creekside and what the installation time frame would be.  Here is their answer: Hi Dave, Thank you for your interest in Access – Anacortes Fiber Internet! Yes, I’m familiar with Creekside Village. We do plan on making fiber Internet available to every home and business in Anacortes. This includes Creekside! However, I don’t have an estimated time of arrival for your neighborhood at the moment. Currently, we are approved by City Council to install customers in the Central Business District, Old Town, and a stretch of M Avenue near Island Hospital. We expect that this will take us into the summer. After that, we are hoping to gain approval to enter a handful of neighborhoods that we have deemed to be low hanging fruit in terms of the ease of installation method and the proximity to our

Spring Has Come to Creekside

It is only the middle of February. but I found rhododendrons blooming in Creekside.  Our winter has been cold and wet, but there is hope our gardens will return after all. Does anybody know what variety these are?  My guess is 'Christmas Cheer,' but that is only a guess.  During one of our next sunbreaks, bundle up and take a walk around the neighborhood.  Discover what is already blooming. Dave Wenning

City Folk

Happy Valentines Day from Creekside Circle