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Website Update

There some some new things on the Creekside Village website to mention.  First , you have probably already heard about the new domain name for the site:  You can see it in the address line of your browser right now.  Not only is it easier to type and remember, this simpler name will boost our rankings in search engines.  If you have bookmarks or links to the old name, they will automatically redirect to the new one.  Like many of us, browsers are sometimes resistant to change.  If you are having trouble loading the site, clear your history and cookies, open a fresh browser, and use the full URL: .  From then on, you should be able to open the site with the simple version,  Second if you're a regular visitor to the Creekside weather site , a new link has been added just below the Current Conditions data.  This opens a new page with more detailed information.  The new page looks like this. Finally , work

Wearing a Face Mask in Public Is Now Required in Washington

" Starting Friday, June 26 , all people in Washington state are required to wear a face covering when you are in any indoor or outdoor public area. This can be a cloth face mask, several layers of fabric tied behind the head, bandana, or scarf. It needs to cover your mouth and nose. Children under 2 years old should not wear a face covering. People who are unable to wear a face covering because of medical conditions are not required to. You can take off your mask to eat, drink, or communicate with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing. We hope most people will wear a face covering to protect the health of their friends and loved ones. Not following the order may result in a misdemeanor charge. This could be a fine of up to $100 and/or up to 90 days in county jail." Keep in mind, businesses may disallow entry to persons not complying with the order.  You should ask if they provide alternate accommodations in such cases. Note that you need not wear a mask or face cove

Message from Dick Walsh: Anacortes Fiberoptic Internet Service

Hello All, I initially posted this on Nextdoor Digest but I know that only a few   Creekside residents are signed on to Nextdoor, so I asked that it be   posted here on Creekside's own website and asked Peggy to mention it in   the Newsletter. I know that many people have expressed an interest in the broadband   network that Anacortes is building. It also seems that many people are   just sitting by and waiting for it to happen in their neighborhood   before signing on. Anacortes would really like you to show your interest  to signing on when available. First, let me sing the praises of optical fiber transmission... We moved here from a small town in Vermont. That town was of low population even by Vermont standards (600,000 people in the whole state). Our town, of about 36 square miles had a population of 900 people. Some of them even lived beyond the power lines. They did not, however, live beyond the telephone lines. The local phone company had underground coppe