Website Update

There some some new things on the Creekside Village website to mention.  First, you have probably already heard about the new domain name for the site:  You can see it in the address line of your browser right now.  Not only is it easier to type and remember, this simpler name will boost our rankings in search engines.  If you have bookmarks or links to the old name, they will automatically redirect to the new one. 

Like many of us, browsers are sometimes resistant to change.  If you are having trouble loading the site, clear your history and cookies, open a fresh browser, and use the full URL:  From then on, you should be able to open the site with the simple version, 

Second if you're a regular visitor to the Creekside weather site, a new link has been added just below the Current Conditions data.  This opens a new page with more detailed information.  The new page looks like this.

Finally, work has begun on the About page here with some new photos taken around the Creekside campus.  Those blank spaces between the photos are waiting for texts that tell the world who we are.  We're looking for some help with this so we can put our best foot forward. 

If you know a little Creekside history and have special feelings about living here, jot down your thoughts and send them to Dave Wenning.  My email is in the Roster.