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Don't Go Phishing

Image: Malwarebytes Phishing is defined as the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.  Even recent bombshell news stories about "hacking" Jeff Bezos' phone or the DNC server occurred via phishing emails.  I follow @AppleSuppor t on Twitter where they recently posted this useful 3 minute video: Even if you re not an Apple customer, the information is important.  Here are some examples of phishing attempts: An email from "FedEx" indicating they are unable to deliver a parcel An email from "Netflix" saying your account is suspended An email from "American Express" in Spanish Pay attention to some clues that the email is fraudulent: Your email app put it in the Junk Mail folder The return address is not from the purported sender, contains garbage text, or extra letters (like &q

Out With the Old...

By now everyone has probably seen and used the new mailbox kiosks.  Above are the new mailboxes for Upper Lane residents.  Click or right-click the images to see them full size.  Large letter or legal size envelopes will no longer need to be wadded up to fit in the boxes.    The old and the new at Creekside Circle.  Left, the old mailboxes on rusting posts, held together with zip ties.  Right, new, modern, and solid, made of rust-proof, powder-coated aluminum. The new Creekside H Avenue mailbox kiosks.  But what happened to the in-ground valve box to the left?  Every box in our three stations is uniquely numbered now, from 1 to 76, eliminating duplicates. Each station now has at least one additional parcel locker. Anyone who still needs to get their box keys, see the News post of January 12 . Dave Wenning

New Mailboxes Are Coming

Yes, it's true.  Creekside is finally getting new mailboxes.  Ours are well past their useful life, ugly, out of date and coming apart. We were able to negotiate a significant cost reduction due to the size of our order and the manufacturer wanting a boost to their year-end sales.  Additionally, all will be installed by BOD members.  We are looking for 2-3 volunteers to help lift the pedestals onto the mounting bolts.  We anticipate this will happen on Sunday, January 18th (see Calendar ).  If you can help, contact Dick or Norm for details. The new boxes will have many significant improvements over what we have now: Each will hold legal size envelopes flat We are reducing the number of pedestals from nine to five We will have nine parcel boxes with spring doors instead of five Resident boxes will be numbered 1-76 eliminating duplicated numbers All pedestals will be 100% aluminum with sandstone powder coating; no more rust Strategy for Installation and Key Distribut