Friends of the Berm

 On Tuesday, October 6th, members of the Landscape Committee, joined by some of their friends, went to work on those naked berms along Creekside Lane.  Recall that English Ivy had taken over and was starting to encroach into adjacent yards, trees and shrubbery.  While beautiful growing on stately manor halls in rural Britain, it tends to be an invasive pest in the Pacific Northwest.  

The ivy was removed a couple of years ago.  The banks were treated and barked to prevent regrowth of the persistent plant.  After lying fallow for a while, the berms were now ready for replanting.  With blue sky and sunshine, it was a perfect day for gardening.  And just in time to catch the autumn rains.

The new plantings include Golden Thread Cypress, Azaleas, Winter Heath, David Viburnum, and native Sword Ferns.  This selection was chosen for low maintenance, drought tolerance and cost-effectiveness.  These have also been growing successfully around the Creekside campus.  A second phase of plantings is planned for the coming spring.

Next time you're out walking or driving by, don't forget to talk encouragingly to the new plants.  There are those who say that will make them thrive and grow.  ;-) 

Dave Wenning