Christmas at Creekside 2020


In preparing for this post, I wanted to begin with an image that tells the story of this unusual Christmas.  I decided to use an empty dining room table, because this year, there won't be any guests or family from outside the household.  But don't think of it as an image of sadness.  See it as an image of resilience and resolve.  Although few, if any, will ever see it, the table was given a fresh centerpiece, and the red candles were brought out from storage.  It might have been a dreary, colorless holiday, but that's not who we are.  We want all the color and brightness of the season possible, in spite of what has come our way.

This past year, much of our lives has been moved outdoors or online.  So too, the people of Creekside have gotten together virtually, and moved their celebrations outside.  Our homes' exteriors have been decorated with lights and colors for all to enjoy.  And what a wonderful display it is.  If you haven't already, bundle up and take a stroll.  Enjoy the spectacle for real.

2020 threw everything at us.  If you never thought of yourselves as people who can overcome adversity very well, you most assuredly are.  Give yourselves credit.

I have never done night photography before, so this was a new challenge.  After a couple of bad starts and some reshoots, I got a little better with practice.  I'm sure I can improve with more experience.  

I did a little bit of editing.  Things like gas meters, power cords and house numbers may have disappeared.  Can you spot the places?  

My goal was to include every lighted house in Creekside.  Porch lights and wind wreaked havoc with some long-exposure shots.  Other times I could not get a good angle to frame a decent picture.  A few times the camera could not acquire a focus.  So if your house was not included, it wasn't because your efforts weren't appreciated.  

Note:  For the best viewing, click on the photos to see them full size in the Lightbox viewer: 




















Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from the people of Creekside Village