Rebuilding a Forest...

How a forest begins plant at a time.  Clockwise from upper left:  Snowberry, Salal, Salal, Shore Pine. Beaked Hazelnut

Northwest Creekside Restoration Area

This spring, the sound of chainsaws filled the air around Creekside's northwest corner.  The removal of some hazardous trees left behind a large, unattractive clear-cut.  Without careful stewardship, this might have become an aggressive, impenetrable Himalayan Blackberry thicket.

Instead, Craig Illman, Peggy Noethlich and Rick Noethlich who live near the damaged area, answered the call.  They took up the task of repairing the damage.  Of course, only plants and trees native to Fidalgo Island would be suitable to restore a natural area.  Included, but not pictured are Madrona, Pacific Rhododendron, Mock Orange, and Salmonberry.  Think of these little plants as pioneers, beginning the process of succession to a fully restored natural forest.

Dave Wenning
Photos by Craig Illman