Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  I have a cracked window pane / damaged deck railing / birds nesting in the attic.  How do I get this taken care of?
A:  Fill out a Maintenance and Repair Request form and submit it as instructed on the form.  You can find this and other service request forms on the Documents page of this website.

Q:  What day is trash pick-up day at Creekside?
A:  Wednesday.  Place your containers within 5 feet of the curb by 7:00 AM Wednesday or the evening before.  To set up trash and recycling pickup, contact the City of Anacortes.

Q:  How can I dispose of yard waste?
A:  On lawn mowing day, our landscaping contractor will pick up and dispose of yard waste at no additional cost.  Place plant debris in paper bags (not plastic) and leave them near their white bundles of grass clippings.  Paper yard waste bags are available from local hardware and home supply stores and from Amazon.  Please do not leave bags near the City of Anacortes compost dumpsters outside the RV court.  Creekside will incur additional costs for each bag left there.

Q:  Who are the utility franchise service providers at Creekside:
A:  The following provide utility services in Anacortes:
      Electricity:  Puget Sound Energy
      Landline Telephone:  Ziply Fiber
      Cable Television and Internet:  Comcast Xfinity
      Broadband Internet:  City of Anacortes*             
      Natural Gas:  Cascade Natural Gas
      Water, Trash, Recycling and Sewer:  City of Anacortes
      *Pending local installation

Q:  How do I subscribe to local newspapers?
      Seattle Times
      Seattle Post Intelligencer


Q:  I wish to install a high efficiency furnace that requires a second roof vent, or a satellite dish.  Do I need to fill out an Architectural Modification Request?
A:  No.  These do not require approval.  Satellite dishes must not exceed 1 meter in diameter and should be placed out of street view if possible.

Q:  I wish to install air conditioning or a heat pump system.  Do I need Board approval for this?
A:  Yes.  There is a special request form for air conditioning and heat pumps on the Documents page.

Q: I see notices for Board of Director meetings and workshops.  What’s the difference?

A: Workshops are for discussing issues and projects in depth.  Workshops are scheduled for three hours to allow plenty of time to review current projects, including owners’ requests, discuss proposed changes in governing documents, and prepare for upcoming Board Meetings.  In contrast, monthly Board Meetings are for conducting the association’s official business “for the record.”  These meetings last about an hour.  They have a formal agenda that includes approving minutes from prior meetings, monthly updates of the association’s financial status, committee reports, and projects.  Board meetings are where the association adopts its annual budget, passes resolutions and legislation, executes contracts, and authorizes payments.

Owners who request them can receive copies of Board Meeting minutes by email or USPS mail.  Board Minutes are also available on the Documents page in the Creekside Archive section.