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Creekside Village Newsletter - April, 2021

Subscribe to receive news from our robust website… ! The days are gradually getting longer with more peeks of sunshine.  This means more flowers, baby animals, birds busy building nests, and the hope that we can get outside to see and say hello to our neighbors again!  If you are a hiker and come across any baby animals, check out what to do and what not to do on our website.    Message from Our President Peggy Noethlich:  I am happy to serve as your HOA President this year and look forward to the time when we can begin in-person meetings again.  It is a tough act to follow Kathy Anderson.  Kathy assumed her role as President as COVID arrived.  She researched the Zoom meeting platform, and soon the Creekside Board was running workshops and board meetings electronically.  Through her efforts, we have seamlessly continued to carry out Creekside work.  She has also led all our work in restating and amending our governing documents over the last few years.  Kathy conti