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Directors' Meeting Minutes - September, 2020

DATE:   Thursday, September 17, 2020  PLACE:    Online via Zoom BOARD MEMBERS: Kathy Anderson, President           Marilyn Herst, Vice President          Peggy Noethlich, Secretary          Norm Culbert, Treasurer MINUTES:  Alice Dickey Residents were notified of the Board meeting and invited to join on Zoom. CALL TO ORDER: President Anderson called the meeting to order at 8:35. QUORUM: Alice Dickey confirmed there were 4 Board members present.   PRIOR MEETING MINUTES: Norm Culbert made a motion to approve August Minutes, Peggy Noethlich seconded, all in favor, motion passed. TREASURER’S REPORT:  Norm Culbert said the Reserve balance now exceeds $700,000, about $100,000 is working capital for the Reserves.  Running close to budget. ANNOUNCEMENTS & GENERAL REPORTS: 1. For the record: On September 1 the BOD appointed owner Marilyn Herst to the Board, filling the position vacated by Craig [_]*.  Herst will assume [_] duties as Vice President.  She will serve until the A

Creekside Village Newsletter - September, 2020

  Visit Creekside’s Website at to obtain copies of Board meeting minutes, governing documents, forms and more. Subscribe to the latest news and weather. Message from Creekside’s President:  How I Spent My Summer Vacation—Learning! COVID-19 has presented some special challenges. We have had to learn new ways to conduct business. It’s been difficult to welcome new neighbors and socialize with friends, hold meetings, and work effectively with service providers. Kudos to committee members and owners who have stepped up to help.   Meanwhile, the Board of Directors continues the 2021 budget development process and to collect reports and requests for maintenance and repair. Creekside is a 30-year old development that is showing its age. Major assets that have reached the end of their useful life and soon will require maintenance and replacement include gutter and downspouts, roadway surfaces, and the sprinkler and irrigation system. It also has become clear that Creeksi