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Creekside Village Newsletter - November, 2020

  Have you subscribed yet to receive news from our new website, where you can also obtain copies of our governing documents, meeting minutes, and request forms.  We encourage you to subscribe…it is free!  Special thanks to Dave Wenning for all his work on this site!  If you see someone “sneaking” around the neighborhood, taking pictures of foliage, Christmas decorations, or wildlife…it might be Dave!  Stop and say hi…masked of course. Message from Our President Kathy Anderson:    November has been a blustery month and a busy one. Just as Board members were thinking we could hunker down for a winter nap, windstorms arrived to send branches flying onto roofs, refill gutters with debris, and bring down a 40-foot Douglas Fir on a home in the Circle.  And it’s only the beginning.  The Board would like to remind everyone to be mindful and take precautions for their safety and to report damage they observe at the earliest opportunity.  If snow is forecast, be prepared to