Creekside Village Newsletter - May, 2021

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Message from Our President Peggy Noethlich

Owners, I am pleased to report the legal matter between Creekside and Pleasant View (PV), our neighbors to the south, is settled.  We will provide further details soon.  In short, we are getting two cash settlements (a total of $20,000), and a judgment, in the public record, against PV on the timber trespass.  On behalf of the Creekside BOD and all Creekside owners, I want to acknowledge and thank Dick Walsh and Norm Culbert.  They have been on the frontlines over the last four years and have spent so much of their time representing our property rights and interests.  This is unpleasant and time-consuming work –documenting the facts and assembling exhibits, meetings with attorneys, long depositions, negotiations and mediations, and trial preparation.  I am grateful this matter is behind us – but I am profoundly grateful for Dick and Norm.  Through all of this (almost four years), they served on the board, led projects, and kept a smile on their faces.  Thank you both.

Upcoming Projects!  You Need This News!

Important Announcement: Roadway Repair Project. Watch for mail, email, and hand-delivered information over the next few weeks for news about a major project to repair, fill cracks, and seal Creekside’s roadways and the Recreational Vehicle Facility.  We expect work will begin in May, but some of the work is weather-dependent. Our contractor, Blacktop, is working out the staging and dates for all activities. As soon as we learn anything, we will inform you.  Completing the work successfully at minimal cost will depend on the close coordination and cooperation of all residents and visitors. Some work will require us not to drive or walk on roadway surfaces for 48 hours. You might have to make alternative arrangements with contractors, service providers and caregivers, deliveries, and other guests. RVF users will have to relocate stored vehicles. Watch your mail and email for the Creekside Road Alert Notices. Lead: Norm Culbert

More Projects:  In addition to the roads, we have multiple projects starting over the next month.  Watch your mail and email.  

Gutters:  Thank you to Doug “Scotty” Gray for his work in getting us a new gutter contractor.  The BOD voted to execute a contract with Watermark Gutters, and work will begin mid-May.  We have twelve (12) buildings scheduled: 

Creekside Lane:  2010/2012, 2016/2018, 2100/2102, 2101, 2103/2105, 2110, 2501/2503, 2511/2515, 2607/2609/2611.  Creekside Circle: 2102/2104, 2016/2018, 2010/2012

In addition to leaky corners, these buildings have broken outlets, damaged downspouts and/or elbows, or have attachment, grade, or sagging issues.  We will keep you informed on the schedule.  Watermark can complete one building per day.  If your unit is on the list – you will have to clear away furniture, planters, and knick-knacks to give clear access to ladders all around the home.  Driveways will have to remain clear during the installation.  Lead:  Scotty Gray

Painting:  Final Touch Painting will be back on-site Monday, May 3rd, if weather permits.  We have ten (10) buildings on the Place scheduled this year.  We have five (5) chimney repairs and some deck rail work on the Place, so painting will follow those repairs.  Road and building repairs will drive sequencing.  We will keep owners informed.  We will be around with clippers to get shrubs away from the siding.  If you are an avid gardener or have a prized planting that you do not want us to touch, please help us by inspecting around your home and do your own clipping.  Painters need ladder access and the ability to paint the siding.   Lead:  Peg Noethlich

Sprinklers:  Norm Culbert and Jerry Switzer, working with Simply Yards, are planning to replace all of the sprinkler heads throughout the property over the next few months.  Our goal is a better-looking landscape with less water running down the roadway.  As we have been warning, you may lose a prized plant if it is growing on top of a sprinkler head.  It is cheaper to move the plant, than move the piping.  Again, we will keep you informed.  Leads:  Norm Culbert and Jerry Switzer

By-Laws Amendment Vote this Spring

Watch your mailbox for ballots and instructions for approving two proposed amendments to Creekside’s By-Laws. The first amendment will make Creekside’s budget development and reporting process consistent with the state law. The second will change the designation of certain working committees to reflect their standing and the work more accurately that they do. Changing the By-Laws requires a 60% approval vote. Please vote YES, submit your ballot timely, and remind your neighbors. We need everyone’s support. Thank you. 

News from Committees

Hospitality:  We had 12 residents bring their own chairs and favorite beverages for our in-person happy hour in Karen’s driveway on April 20th.  We took turns introducing ourselves, sharing why we bought in Creekside and what year, and where we lived previously.  Several also shared their past careers.  A great time was had by all, and we hope to do this again in May.  

Landscaping:  The spring landscape is certainly surrounding us with an array of color. It’s such an inspirational time of year, watching nature wake up as the days gain daylight. Our Committee took advantage of our April sunshine and we met outdoors for the first time this year. We want to thank our enthusiastic landscape group for jumping in and helping with our upcoming projects.  Update: Our lawns were aerated lawns by Simply Yards (SY) in April. This should help invigorate our lawns as well as saving water. Pioneer Tree Service was here in April and trimmed back the trees in Upper Lane and Circle so that the branches are no longer overhanging the gutters, siding, and roofs. This will help to protect our homes and will support any needed gutter replacement in these areas. Several of us on the Committee (Marilyn, Rosie, Marilyn H., Pat G., Peggy Noethlich and Gretchen) got together and marked the stumps to be ground – you may have seen red flags and white-painted stumps marking them. Pioneer Tree Service will be here soon to grind these stumps. The laurel hedge above the RV lot is on the docket for major pruning in May by SY. Dick Walsh is the lead in setting the height the hedge is to be cut down to. SY will then maintain this new height in future regular pruning. SY is about to start the regularly scheduled spring pruning and is working with Norm Culbert to start up our irrigation system for the season. Thank you landscape committee and owners for your kind support. We appreciate those who love to weed and mulch our garden areas. If you are interested in improving your nearby landscape, please use the landscape form on the website or contact Gretchen or Marilyn for a form. 

RV Park:  We have 25-foot spaces available for rent to homeowners, friends or family.  These paved spaces can accommodate up to 28 feet overall in most cases and currently rent for a very reasonable $30.00 per month.  If you, a family member, or friend may be interested, please feel free to give us a call or shoot an e-mail our way!  Thanks!  Lee Worthy, RVF Chair.

Welcoming:  No new residents this past month.


As your newsletter editor, I would like to sincerely thank our Board Members – Peg Noethlich (President), Lee Worthy (Vice President), Marilyn Herst (Secretary), Kathy Anderson (Treasurer), and Doug “Scottie” Gray (Member-at-Large) for their time, talents, research, and decisions as our VOLUNTARY Board of Directors!  They don’t get paid for dealing with our residents, contractors, City of Anacortes, or neighboring communities, so let’s thank them by sending an email or card to them using their information in our Roster.  They deserve our praise and thanksgiving!

All are Welcome!

All residents are invited to attend our HOA workshops and the next one is May 11 at 9 am. Everyone is also welcomed to attend Board Meetings too.  The next one is May 20 at 9 am. While you may not be eligible to vote, your input is always welcomed.


In-Person Happy Hour – Yay!

Hospitality member Nancy is inviting everyone, preferably those fully vaccinated, to celebrate the arrival of spring on May 17th at 5 pm at 1914 Creekside Place.  If her driveway becomes crowded, we can move into the street or nearby lawns.  There is guest parking nearby. Bring a chair and favorite beverage along, it can be water!  There will be a few extra sanitized chairs available if needed.  It’s wonderful to see grins on neighbors faces.  The theme will also celebrate our military for Memorial Day and those who have served.  We would like to hear your stories!