Creekside Village Newsletter - April, 2021

Subscribe to receive news from our robust website…! The days are gradually getting longer with more peeks of sunshine.  This means more flowers, baby animals, birds busy building nests, and the hope that we can get outside to see and say hello to our neighbors again!  If you are a hiker and come across any baby animals, check out what to do and what not to do on our website. 

Message from Our President Peggy Noethlich: 

I am happy to serve as your HOA President this year and look forward to the time when we can begin in-person meetings again.  It is a tough act to follow Kathy Anderson.  Kathy assumed her role as President as COVID arrived.  She researched the Zoom meeting platform, and soon the Creekside Board was running workshops and board meetings electronically.  Through her efforts, we have seamlessly continued to carry out Creekside work.  She has also led all our work in restating and amending our governing documents over the last few years.  Kathy continues to serve Creekside, now in the Treasurer role.  Thank you, Kathy, for your work and many contributions to our community.  


We have solved the moss problem.  Peggy personally hired and paid Whidbey Estate Cleaning to come back and try a few methods to clean the moss off the roof.  It took him a few days, but he figured out that a diluted bleach solution is the answer.  We will be treating all the suspect roofs with this solution (rainwater further dilutes the bleach as it goes into the gutter, so it is environmentally safe).  As part of his contract, he will re-spray the previously treated roofs at no charge.  We will now pay to have him pick up the other roofs that are exhibiting signs of moss.  We estimate that by the end of June, the moss should be dead.  We will continue to monitor and treat roofs in the spring and fall.

As stated at the annual meeting, we have sprinklers, gutters, and roads as the major maintenance projects this year.  Doug Gray has done a lot of research on gutters, and we will be making some announcements soon on that front (number of homes, locations, etc.). Norm Culbert is leading the roads and sprinkler head work.  We will continue to update you as that work develops. 

News from Committees:

Hospitality – Our March virtual happy hour was attended by about a dozen residents, including our youngest Sienna Corvino, along with her parents Trenton and Alyssa.  We discussed where our original homes were, a majority in CA or WA…not surprising.  See the end of the newsletter for our next gathering!

Landscaping – We are now heading into our spring weather.  Yay!!!  As you look around you see that our lawns have been aerated and there are earth pellets covering the landscape.  As we move into April, we will be using organic fertilizer to perk up and enrich our lawns.  This product is safe for humans, pets, and our wildlife.  We will send out a notice when this is scheduled.   We recently had all the Rhodies injected with fertilizer that helps encourage bright blooms and green growth.  Did you know we have over 650 Rhododendrons on our property? Simply Yards, our landscape company, is now in the process of removing weeds, finishing winter pruning, edging, and mowing our lawns.   Presently some of the Encore azaleas and daffodils are blooming.   The landscape committee will begin to join as soon as Easter is over to develop and schedule a plan for the upcoming months. This will include additional planting on the ivy berm and upper berm, listing projects that we will be involved with over the next few months, and exploring ways to improve and update our landscape.   Many homeowners have already developed lovely, updated gardens after receiving approval from the landscape committee and BOD.  We encourage homeowners to send in requests to the landscape committee co-chairs if you want to add any plants, trees, or mulch to enhance our gardens.  We can help with recommendations of both landscape ideas and vendors to call for bids. Please keep us posted if you have any questions. Cheers and Happy Easter, Marilyn and Gretchen.

RV Park - We have 25-foot spaces available for rent to homeowners, friends or family.  These paved spaces can accommodate up to 28 feet overall in most cases and currently rent for a very reasonable $30.00 per month.  If you, a family member, or friend may be interested, please feel free to give us a call or shoot an e-mail our way!  Thanks!  Lee Worthy, RVF Chair. 

Welcoming – No new residents this past month.  Stay healthy!

Other News:

Window Washing - Spring is here and our windows desperately need washing!  But now is not the time for this task, at least not quite yet...  Tree pollen is in the air, carried by our breezes, through May.  You may recall the yellow pollen on your car's body and covering our streets from neighboring pine and fir trees.   

Pat Brown has graciously offered to coordinate the services of Frontline with a Creekside discount of $95 outside windows only and $170 for both inside and outside windows.  Frontline will plan to wash windows June 1-4.  But their deadline notice to do this work is May 17th.  

Please be sure to contact Pat with your name and address as soon as possible.  She will also want to know if you want exterior only or both interior/exterior windows washed.

(Note:  The window washing may occur on some buildings at the same time as gutters are being replaced.  More to come on this next month.)

Vaccinations for COVID-19 - Having concerns finding a vaccine site when you are eligible for the one or two dosages?  Please let President Peg know and she will gladly help you.  Contact 206-518-3997.  Thanks for this generous offer to help our residents.

Happy Hour - Due to our wonderful sunny weather, the Hospitality Committee has decided to have our Happy Hour at 5:30 pm April 20, 2021to be in two neighbors driveways at 2012 Lane and 2010 Lane on the upper Lane.  There is guest parking in two locations nearby.

Please bring your own chairs, masks (for coming and going), beverages of choice, snacks are optional but not shared, and we will be seated 6  feet apart in our great outdoors.  The sun hits these driveways so maybe sun glasses and/or hats are recommended.  Jackets are optional too.

There are extra chairs available if you are unable to bring your own.  Please ensure that you are feeling healthy and, perhaps, vaccinated.  You need to determine your own health and risks versus rewards.

Approved Creekside Village Meeting Schedules 2021-2022:

Workshops 2nd Tuesday 9 am:  

Apr 13 

May 11 

Jun 8 

July 13 

Aug meetings cancelled for BOD summer vacation. 

Sept 14  

Oct 12 

Nov 9 

Dec 7 Moved to not conflict with Christmas. May cancel TBD.  

Jan 11, 2022 

Feb 8, 2022 

Annual Meeting February 24, 2022 10:00 a.m. 

BOD Meetings 3rd Thursday (9:00 am) New time

Apr 22 

May 20 

Jun 17 

Jul 22 

Aug meetings cancelled for BOD summer vacation. 

Sep 23  

Oct 21 


Dec 16 Moved to not conflict with Christmas. May cancel TBD. 

You are welcome to attend any of these meetings as your input is valuable.  You may not have a vote, but your voice will be heard!