Directors Meeting Minutes - February, 2021

DATE: Thursday, February 18, 2021 

PLACE: Via Zoom  -  Residents were notified of the Board meeting and invited to join.

BOARD MEMBERS:  Kathy Anderson, President 

              Marilyn Herst, Vice President

              Peggy Noethlich, Secretary

              Norm Culbert, Treasurer 

              Lee Worthy, Member-at-Large

MINUTES:  Alice Dickey

CALL TO ORDER:  President Anderson called the meeting to order at 8:40 am.

QUORUM: Alice Dickey confirmed all 5 Board members were present.  

PRIOR MEETING MINUTES: Peggy Noethlich made a motion to approve January Minutes, Lee Worthy seconded, all in favor, motion passed.


FINANCIAL REPORT: Norm Culbert said has almost finished last re-format of financials. CD rates are still below 1%.  Question – how to get new format to homeowners?  BOD will discuss after this meeting.


1.  For the record, items discussed at the February 9 workshop: 

Gutter and downspout replacement, Lead: Doug Gray                       

Still obtaining bids. Once we have all info, the Board will explore timing and funding options.

Roadways major maintenance and repair, Lead: Norm Culbert

Norm Culbert will provide bids and estimates for review by the BOD, plus addresses of locations            where contractors have performed similar work. 

Dick Walsh will contact the City of Anacortes about coordinating the roadway project with the City’s plans to install the fiber optic network.  As the roadway project moves forward, the BOD will keep homeowners and RVF users informed of the work schedule and related issues.

Speed control and related issues, Lead: Robin Wadleigh

Robin Wadleigh will explore options for controlling vehicle traffic and speed in the village.

Damage to grassy areas, Lead Marilyn Herst

Cause is large vehicles turning around at D Avenue Gate. Marilyn Herst is coordinating with Simply Yards to install boulders in strategic locations to prevent damage to grass by vehicles.

Creek Erosion, Lead: Peg Noethlich

Robin Wadleigh and others are monitoring the creek and removing debris. There is some erosion on the north side and a weak “lip” over the creek bank.  We might have to control access to the area by owners and workers.  Peg Noethlich and Kathy Anderson will alert the City of Anacortes to the erosion and related issues, verbally and in writing.  We want to start a paper trail to document reports and action taken by Creekside or the City.  Marilyn Herst will follow up with the insurance carrier about coverage. Kathy Anderson, Alice Dickey, and Dick Walsh will research records for history.

Eco-friendly Lawn Maintenance, Lead: Marilyn Herst and Gretchen McIndoe

The Landscape Committee co-chairs will be monitoring the effectiveness of new products and reporting over the year and consider additional options for controlling pests.

Moss control on roofs, Lead: Jerome Robbins and Peg Noethlich

Peg Noethlich will pursue additional moss removal techniques with the contractor.

Newsletter, Lead: Mary Robbins & Secretary

BOD would like an opportunity to review monthly newsletters prior to distribution to the membership. We will be working on a schedule that will accommodate this.

Enforcement, Lead: Kathy Anderson & Peg Noethlich

Kathy Anderson and Peg Noethlich will pursue a couple of enforcement issues.

2.  Snow Removal

Kathy said was done over the weekend by a licensed, bonded contractor, bill received and approved.  Lee Worthy asked price - $745.  He would like snow removal to be discussed further at next workshop.

STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS:  Most opted to give report at Annual Meeting.

Landscape:  Doug Gray had asked if eco-friendly products will be done by the same contractor we had been using.  Marilyn Herst answered - same contractor, different products.  She and Gretchen McIndoe researched products and worked with contractor to use the one that were more eco –friendly.  They will be watching to make sure all is going well throughout the year.  

This resulted in a savings of approximately $2,300 because some of the products being used were duplications.  They have asked Simply Yards for a bid to do aeration of the lawn areas, came in at $2,587 (unknown at this time if includes tax) – very good price, previous bids were $13,000 and higher.  Goes down 8 inches, will make lawn healthier, reduce pesticides, help with soggy areas.  Is recommended to be done every other year.  Simply Yards will mark sprinklers, they would be responsible for any and all damage to sprinkler system.  Would like to do this with savings from spray maintenance contract.  Lee requested in the future when contracts written have separate line for tax, not the same is different counties.  Peggy Noethlich made a motion to approve the aeration contract for $2,587 with tax included, Lee Worthy seconded, all in favor, motion passed.  

Boulders were moved to area by D Avenue gate where large trucks had been turning around and putting deep ruts in the grass.  Marilyn said there is a crab apple tree about to fall down by 2415 Lane, also a photinia.  Has asked Riley to take them out, probably be done next Tuesday. Robin Wadleigh said there is also a dead tree behind the “soldiers” on the lower Lane, Marilyn will add to list.  Lee Worthy said there is a holly tree trying to grow thru the RV fence.


Roads:  Norm said road moss would be taken care of by contractor doing the work.

ADJOURNMENT:  Peggy Noethlich made motion to adjourn, Marilyn Herst seconded, all in favor, meeting adjourned at 9:15 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Alice Dickey

HOA Administrator