Creekside Village Newsletter - March, 2021


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Message from Our President Kathy Anderson:

Thanks to all who attended the Annual Homeowners Meeting February 25 and elected a new Board of Directors. This year we say thank you and good-bye to Norm Culbert, who “retired” from service as Treasurer after four challenging years. Don’t worry, though, Norm’s not going anywhere. Rumor has it he will be managing the major maintenance and repair of both the sprinkler/irrigation system and Creekside’s roadways. 

At the same time, Creekside welcomes new directors Doug Gray, Marilyn Herst, and Lee Worthy who have stepped up to meet the new challenges we will face in 2021. In addition to their responsibilities as Directors, Doug will take on the gutter and downspout replacement project; Marilyn Herst will join Gretchen [...]* to co-chair the Landscape Committee, and Lee Worthy will continue to chair the Recreational Vehicle Committee and co-chair the Finance Committee.

The new year also brings an updated Reserves Study. This is the independent assessment required by state law that will tell us if Creekside owners have provided adequate funds to meet the HOA's obligations to repair and replace assets when they reach the end of their useful life. Stay tuned. 

Our Annual Meeting Election Results are in:   

We welcome the following residents to serve on our Board.  Each candidate received the majority of votes and after the Annual Meeting, the new Board met briefly to discuss their volunteer roles.  Here are the results:

President – Peggy Noethlich and serving a two-year term

Vice President – Lee Worthy and serving a one-year term

Secretary – Marilyn Herst and serving a one-year term

Treasurer – Kathy Anderson and serving a two-year term

Member-at-Large – Doug Gray and serving a two-year term

Congratulations to all these volunteers this year!  And special thanks to Norm Culbert, our past Treasurer, for four years of service!  He says that he enjoyed being on the Board, having fun with doing the work, and he encourages everyone to volunteer where they can.  

Messages from Other Board Members:

Peg Noethlich:  Our 2021 building inspection program is underway.  Brad Fowler and crew have inspected 28 buildings and are now doubling back to pick up a few attics and crawlspaces.  As crews complete inspections, they are securing and sealing all vents protruding from the roof, nailing down loose shingles, and securing and sealing the chimney caps.  We are entering the inspection data and sorting the repair items by category and urgency.  We found a few significant repairs, but overall, the units are in good condition.  Homeowners will get a copy of their report by mid-March.  Thank you for your flexibility in helping us get this work done.  We will notify owners when inspections begin again in late March.  Moss continues to be a big problem on some roofs.  We are testing a “brush” cleaning on one building to see if that works.  If it is successful, we will get that scheduled for other buildings.  As a courtesy service, Brad Fowler is applying granular Moss Out to the roof during his inspections. 

News from Committees:

Hospitality – We enjoyed another neighborly happy hour hosted by Karen Ryan and President Kathy Anderson with about 12 people joining us.  At our Annual Meetings previously, we typically meet at the nearby United Methodist Church with Hospitality supplying name tags and refreshments, in addition to setting up tables and chairs.  Not so this year!  But please join us for our next happy hour, invitation at the end of this newsletter.

Landscaping - Update on the upper Lane near the D Avenue Gate: 

The awesome “Rolling Stones” crew from Simply Yards moved 8 large boulders and placed them along the grass on the south side of the upper Lane near the D Avenue Gate.  Hopefully, this will deter large trucks attempting a U-turn from further damage to the grassy area. Look the next time you drive by.  So far, we have seen no more damage.  Signage is planned to warn trucks that they cannot leave via D Avenue. 

Creekside Lawn Aeration:

We are contracting with Simply Yards to aerate all lawns in Creekside Village common areas this spring, leaving the 8-inch core plugs to decompose.  The many benefits to aeration include reduced soil compaction, improved water and fertilizer uptake and reduction in water runoff and puddling.  We look forward to having healthier lawns and potentially less watering. 

Eco-Friendly Products: 

We have reworked the contract with the company that does our fertilizing and pest control so that they are now only using Eco-Friendly Products.  This benefits not only our animals and us, but also does our part to protect the aquatic life in the creek that runs through our property and ultimately to the sound.  Marilyn and Gretchen, Landscape Co-coordinators 

RV Park – We have 25-foot spaces available for rent to homeowners, friends or family.  These spaces can accommodate up to 28 feet overall in most cases and rent for a very reasonable $30.00 per month.  If you, a family member, or friend may be interested, please feel free to give us a call or shoot an e-mail our way.  Thanks.  Lee Worthy, RVF Chair  

Welcoming – There were no new residents in Creekside during the last month.

Other News:

An incredibly happy birthday to all our residents with January, February, and March birthdays.  Wishing you a year of good health and fortune.

All are Welcome:

All residents are welcome to attend our HOA workshops and the next one is March 9th, Tuesday, at 9 am.  Workshops get into the nitty gritty and are on the second Tuesday of each month.

Everyone is also welcomed to attend Board Meetings too.  The next one is Thursday, 9 am, March 18th.  Board Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month where contracts are approved, projects are updated, and motions are voted on.

While you may not be eligible to vote, your input is always welcome!

Wednesday, March 10th at 5 pm

Come join your neighbors in a virtual happy hour!  We can see each other’s faces, laugh, share a story or concern, and get to know each other better…we can even discuss who has been vaccinated!  The Zoom invitation will be sent a few days prior to the event.  And you can wear your green too!