Creekside Village Newsletter - February, 2021

The Speed Limit is 15 miles per hour throughout Creekside Village. We’ve seen both residents and delivery trucks exceed this speed limit, so please slow down!

Also please ensure that all delivery trucks and other service providers use the H Avenue entrance, not D!

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Message from Our President Kathy Anderson:

Greetings to all and welcome to 2021. As we prepare for the new year and the annual meeting in February, I have a priority message: Complete your ballot and designate a PROXY. Whether the annual meeting is in-person or on-line, by law, the association may not make business decisions without a quorum, i.e., 50% of the membership in attendance. Because of COVID-19, the annual meeting will take place February 25, via ZOOM. If you are uncertain about attendance, please complete your ballot, and designate a PROXY. The proxy may be anyone in attendance, including board members. 


VOTE: There are five positions and five candidates. Yes, we still need you to vote, and you may vote for all five candidates.  Please take time to read this year’s Annual Report to learn about everything we accomplished in 2020 and appreciate that none of this is possible without the work of neighbors who volunteer. What would Creekside be without them? The report also contains plans and expectations for 2021. Again, Creekside will rely on volunteers to get the work done. Please consider how you can contribute to these efforts.

As COVID-19 and similar threats to public health continue, the Board of Directors expects to  continue using ZOOM for meetings and workshops. Volunteers are available to help you join meetings and social events safely throughout the year. Please contact us. It’s easier than you think.  Thank you.

Messages from Other Board Members:

Homeowners Insurance: 
Marilyn Herst

Here's a quick summary of our Homeowners Insurance for Creekside Village PUD Owners:

CAU is the Insurer for our overall property Insurance for Village Homes which covers our residential buildings, structures, and community personal property.  This policy comes with a  $5000 deductible (applies to water damage, sewer backup, sprinkler leakage and all other covered causes of loss).  There is also a Cyber Liability coverage limit of $50,000 with a $2500 deductible.   

Additionally each homeowner has a  homeowners insurance policy which includes coverage for personal property, furniture, additional living expenses and personal liability.  This is a good time to check your Individual Homeowner policy which needs to cover home improvements and contents of your home.  There is a section called "Association Loss Assessment"  in your policy.  It should state at least $10,000 which would be used if you ever need to come up with the $5000 deductible from the CAU policy.  It is also important to take pictures of the improvements and contents of the inside of your unit to keep as a record in case it is ever needed.    

Earthquake Insurance.  Did you know we also have Earthquake Insurance that is included in our annual policy package?  Our coverage limit is $28,175,000 with a 10% per building earthquake deductible.  

Maintenance:  Peggy Noethlich

Planning is underway for a new seal coat for the roads and RV park ( Norm Culbert, Lead).  We are getting quotes for new gutters (Doug Gray, Lead).  Building inspections are underway.  We will follow up with any owners who are away to be sure we inspect your attic space.


Recent reports of sick or dead birds at backyard feeders in King, Kitsap, Skagit, Snohomish and Thurston counties is prompting the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to recommend that people temporarily discontinue feeding wild birds or take extra steps to maintain their feeders.

The current die-off of finches — such as pine siskins — as well as other songbirds, is attributed to salmonellosis, a common and usually fatal bird disease caused by the salmonella bacteria, according to WDFW Veterinarian Kristin Mansfield.

The first indication of the disease for bird watchers to look for is often a seemingly tame bird on or near a feeder. The birds become very lethargic, fluff out their feathers and are easy to approach. This kind of behavior is generally uncommon to birds, Mansfield said. 

Those who choose not to discontinue wild bird feeding are encouraged to clean feeders daily by first rinsing the feeder well with warm soapy water, then dunking in a solution of nine-parts water and one-part bleach. Finish by rinsing and drying before refilling. Keep the ground below the feeder clean by raking or shoveling up feces and seed casings.

People are also asked to reduce the number of feeders they offer to a quantity they will be able to maintain with daily cleanings, use feeders that accommodate fewer birds (such as tubes rather than platforms) and spread out feeder locations. Keeping bird baths and fountains clean is also important.

It is possible, although uncommon, for salmonella bacteria to transfer from birds to humans through direct contact with infected birds, droppings or through domestic cats that catch sick birds. When handling birds, bird feeders or bird baths, it is best to wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly afterward.

Hummingbird feeders are fine, as long as you refill the sugar water frequently and sanitize the feeder too.  

Pine Siskin at Kukutali Preserve
Pine Siskin at Kukutali Preserve

News from Committees:

Hospitality – We have had two successful happy hour Zoom gatherings though there were some technical glitches at the start of the last one….  See the date and time for the next one at the end of this newsletter!  We look forward to all our residents receiving their vaccinations so we can again gather for lunches and dinners together…perhaps later this year.

Landscaping – [Marilyn and Gretchen] are the new co-chairs of the Creekside Landscape Committee (see Roster). [...]

Simply Yards (SY), our landscape company comes weekly on Tuesdays. They have a smaller crew in the winter and have been very busy this month picking up tree limbs and debris from the windstorms we have experienced. It is a work in progress. They have begun to prune and rake the beds around our units. Thank you to everyone who has been pulling branches and debris to the curbsides.

As you may have noticed, there are huge gauges in the grass on the upper Lane just inside D gate on the left as you are driving out. We suspect that these have been made by at least 3 large trucks attempting to turn around when they realize they cannot leave onto D Avenue.  These unsightly tire tracks need to be fixed (an extra charge from SY) which is a cost we all pay as HOA members.  We are trying to figure out the best way to address this issue. In the meantime, if you have a large truck making a delivery, please instruct them to leave by H Avenue.

Update on vine maple stumps:  since stump-killer products did not work, we have budgeted to have the vine maple stumps ground this year. Because the remaining roots will take about a year to decompose, we will be waiting until sometime in 2022 to replant in the same spot.  We will be notifying the affected owners when we have date(s) for grinding. Unfortunately we don’t have the budget to mulch after the stumps are removed, but you are more than welcome to do this yourselves!

If you wish to enhance the landscape around you individual unit, please submit a Landscape Request form (located in your HOA manual and the Documents page of this website) with your proposed modifications. We will be happy to help you with your plans. It may be winter but it is never too early to plan for spring…

RV Park – We have 25-foot spaces available for rent to homeowners, friends or family.  These spaces rent for a very reasonable $30.00 per month.  If you, a family member, or friend may be interested, please feel free to give us a call or shoot an e-mail our way!  Thanks! Lee Worthy, RVF Chair.  

Welcoming -
Our Committee [...] have welcomed two new families this month.

Tanya  has been here for several months, having bought her dad’s condo at [...] Creekside Lane, but living in DC area some of the time.  She is now working from her condo, so we could arrange a time to welcome her via phone.

Trenton, Alyssa and Baby Sienna moved into her grandmother’s former condo at [...] Creekside Circle.  We are delighted to welcome our youngest member and her family to Creekside.

Our committee is doing its best to welcome families over the telephone or via email.  Carolyn Hunter Walsh

All are Welcome!

All residents are welcome to attend our HOA workshops and the next one is February 9th at 9:00 am.

Everyone is also invited to attend Board Meetings.  The next one is February 18th at 8:30 am.

While you may not be eligible to vote, your input is always welcomed!


The Hospitality Committee will be hosting a Happy Hour Wednesday, February 10 from 5 to 6 p.m.  Join us for a fun time to visit with your neighbors!  We will look forward to seeing you there.  Information regarding the sign in for the Zoom Happy Hour will be sent out a few days before the get together.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

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