Directors' Meeting Minutes - December, 2020

DATE:  Thursday, December 17, 2020 

PLACE:  Via Zoom  -  Residents were notified of the Board meeting and invited to join.

BOARD MEMBERS:  Kathy Anderson, President 

              Marilyn Herst, Vice President

              Peggy Noethlich, Secretary

              Norm Culbert, Treasurer 

              Lee Worthy, Member-at-Large

MINUTES:  Alice Dickey

CALL TO ORDER:  President Anderson called the meeting to order at 8:40.

QUORUM:  Alice Dickey confirmed all 5 Board members were present.  

PRIOR MEETING MINUTES: Peggy Noethlich made a motion to approve November Minutes with the correction to RV Committee report changing $25/mo to $30/mo, Norm Culbert seconded, all in favor, motion passed.


1.  Per Alice Dickey – none this month.

Alice Dickey asked for decision regarding 10% holdback on Simply Yards payments.  Peggy Noethlich made a motion to release the holdback, Kathy Anderson seconded, all in favor, motion passed.


1.  After discussion was decided to set Annual Meeting for February 25, 2021.

2.  Discussion about recruiting article for BOD candidates to go in the Newsletter.

3.  Discussion about schedule for year-end reports, what to be included in resident packet, when to have all items to Alice.

4.  Discussion about schedule for 2021 workshops and BOD meetings.

5.  Kathy set up Zoom on her credit card ($150), which Creekside has reimbursed.  Now some confusion – was supposed to go to September or October, now they’re saying the account ends in May.  She said she will owe Creekside some money, but Zoom is also charging her $15/mo.  Kathy thought it would be a good idea for Creekside to get a debit or credit card for things like this.  Lee suggested credit card so have protection against theft.  Norm will talk to Peoples Bank and Bank of the Pacific.


Norm Culbert spoke about expenses for 2020 thru November, running close to budget.  Short discussion if 2021 budget ready - yes.  Kathy Anderson asked for a motion to adopt the 2021 proposed budget - Lee Worthy so moved,  Marilyn Herst seconded, all in favor, motion passed. Alice asked if this is the version dated 12/12/20, Norm said it is.


Architecture:   Dick Walsh said he has met with [...] [2105 Lane] about their request to expand their deck.  Tabled until January workshop, will require discussion because would be in area involved in lawsuit.  

Hospitality:  Mary Robbins said had a successful Zoom happy hour.  Approximately 12 people attended, decided to do monthly.  Discussion about helping people get acquainted with Zoom.  Suggestion made to put simplified write-up in annual meeting packet to help residents connect with Zoom.

Landscape:  Peg Noethlich said work is slow now, doing clean up and debris removal.  Discussion about leaves still in beds, creek ready for winter rains, pruning etc.

RV:  Lee Worthy said pretty quiet.  Still have the four 25’ spaces available, plus one pending move out.

Welcome:  Dick Walsh said Carolyn had talked with [...] 2017 Circle.


Maintenance & Repairs:  Peggy Noethlich said finishing up several maintenance items.  The big project is the repairs from fallen tree on [...] [2108 Circle] unit – tear out and truss work now complete.  Soffit material on a 3 week lag.  Will close up roof today, start again when material arrives.  Insurance has approved, all set to go.

Insurance:  Marilyn H and Gretchen M did research to see if we had an earthquake, would resident’s insurance pay the Associations deductible ($40,000 each).  They could not find an individual policy that would cover it.  For regular loss (water damage, fire, etc) homeowner needs to check their policy to see if it covers “Association Loss Assessment”. Was suggested putting a simplified write-up in the Annual Meeting packet. Question - if unit damaged would it be put back to upgraded condition.  Answer - yes.

Sprinkler System:  Norm Culbert said system shut down, all on hold for now.

Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal:  Jerome Robbins said is scheduled to start December 22nd, weather dependent.


1. Kathy Anderson brought up parking problem, wondered what everyone else’s feeling was. New people in Circle still parking in driveway – Peg said only been here about a month, usually give about 90 days to get garage cleaned out.  [...] still parking in guest parking – Kathy taking pictures.  How do we police this?  Wait until somebody complains in writing?  Board take steps when they see something?  Will table discussion for January workshop.

2. Contracts for the record, per Peggy Noethlich:

Simply Yards – Laurel hedge by RV lot, trim in spring, $3,168.

Simply Yards – Pruning, $18,675 (same as 2020).

Simply Yards – Grounds maintenance and irrigation, $83,568 (same as 2020).

Surety Pest – service every two months, $12,066.

                All Purpose Handyman – total building assessment of all 38 buildings,
                            start January finish by June, $8,051.

        Final Touch Painting – nine building on Place, $65,911 (labor only).

                All contracts reviewed by BOD members, include sales tax, rounded to nearest dollar.


Marilyn Herst made motion to adjourn, Norm Culbert seconded, all in favor, meeting adjourned at 10.00.

Respectfully submitted,

Alice Dickey

HOA Administrator

[...] denotes redactions and/or edits by Editor