Creekside Village Newsletter - November, 2020


Have you subscribed yet to receive news from our new website, where you can also obtain copies of our governing documents, meeting minutes, and request forms.  We encourage you to subscribe…it is free!  Special thanks to Dave Wenning for all his work on this site!  If you see someone “sneaking” around the neighborhood, taking pictures of foliage, Christmas decorations, or wildlife…it might be Dave!  Stop and say hi…masked of course.

Message from Our President Kathy Anderson:   November has been a blustery month and a busy one. Just as Board members were thinking we could hunker down for a winter nap, windstorms arrived to send branches flying onto roofs, refill gutters with debris, and bring down a 40-foot Douglas Fir on a home in the Circle.  And it’s only the beginning.  The Board would like to remind everyone to be mindful and take precautions for their safety and to report damage they observe at the earliest opportunity.  If snow is forecast, be prepared to shelter in place.  Creekside does not plan to contract for snow removal.  Our experience last year taught us that day-laborers and local contractors do not always have the experience or equipment to remove snow without damaging our roadways.  While the Board prepares year end reports, completes service contracts, and gets ready for the new year, we want to take time to wish everyone a happy holiday season.  And in that spirit, we hope owners will do what they can to bring joy.  Check in often with your neighbors.  Be safe.  Decorate and light up your home for the holidays.  Enjoy the warmth of a fireplace.  And let’s all be thankful that Creekside has a very good insurance policy!

Messages from Other Board Members:  Recent winds brought down a 40 ft Douglas fir next to 2108 Circle.  Dan Olsen, Olsen Tree Service, said the fir was growing too close to a cedar and never established a proper root system.   The tree landed next to the house, but the limbs snapped three (3) of the home's trusses on the way down.  We have a structural engineer and contractor on the job.  Creekside's insurance will cover this loss.  Creekside HOA is responsible for the $5,000 deductible.  As a side note:  Creekside amended the CCRs in 2002 to transfer responsibility for the deductible when there is interior damage or negligence.  Our CAU agent recommends we consult an attorney to clarify the amendment language and ensure it meets state law.  This will be a BOD action item for early 2021.  In a separate wind event, a limb punctured an 8" hole in the roof at 2104 Circle.  This was a quick repair thanks to contractor Brad Fowler.

Peg Noethlich, Secretary

Do You Know Your Documents?  PART 4 BOARD OF DIRECTORS 

4.1 Control of Corporation.  The corporate power, business and property of the corporation shall be exercised, conducted, and controlled by a Board of five (5) Directors. 

4.2 Eligibility.  Any person of voting age who is a lot owner in good standing may be elected a Director of this Association. Good standing is defined as follows: 

(I) No delinquent dues, special assessments, or violation penalties. 

(II) No liens against the candidate’s property by the Association; and 

(III) No legal actions pending between the Association and the candidate. 

4.3 Election and Term of Office.  The directors shall be elected by the Association lot owners present, in person, or proxy, or absentee ballot, at a meeting called for the election of directors.  Nominees receiving the highest number of votes will be deemed elected.  If a tie vote occurs for the last position the tie will be broken by the chair of the election committee drawing a name.   The last director elected shall fill the unexpired term when occurring.  Each director shall be elected for two-year terms, except those elected to fill unexpired terms.  Directors will serve until a successor shall be elected or appointed.  The respective terms are to be staggered so that no more than three (3) directors are elected in any one year to provide continuity and stability in the Association leadership.  No director may be elected for more than two consecutive two-year terms. 

Board Member Elections:  Ask not what your association can do for you; ask what you can do for your association—at least for the next two-years.  Yes, it’s that time of year, again—time to think about electing new Board members.  Between now and February 28, the association will be looking for at least two people to help lead the community.  Three incumbents have agreed to run for second terms, which means we are seeking at least two members to stand for election.  Terms are two years.  Watch your mail for details. 

News from Committees:

Hospitality:  An invitation flyer will be sent to you early December to gather together via Zoom for a happy hour, enjoying your beverage of choice, and chatting.  This will take place on Wednesday, December 9th, at 5 pm.  Please [...] phone or email Mary Robbins [...] by Monday 12/8 if you would like to participate.  She will send you the Zoom link site and password.  Please consider joining us with a cup/glass of tea, coffee, wine, or other!  Since we can’t meet for lunch or dinner, this is the next best option to see each other’s smiling faces without masks or physical distancing. 

Mary Robbins

Landscaping:  As fall brings the rains and cooler weather, we finally made the long-awaited plant move from the north berm.  Four (4) maples and a large California lilac were overcrowding other plants.  Simply Yards (SY) relocated two maples and a lilac to the barren area behind 2004 / 2006 Lane, and one maple each to the Circle and to the northwest corner of the community where trees were removed due to disease.  And fall also brings the windstorms.  Many of the Douglas firs are dropping limbs everywhere.  You can wait for SY to pick them up on their next visit or drag them into a pile near the street. SY has moved to their winter schedule so we will mainly see debris removal, clean-up, and blowers through the property until next spring.  Please let me or any member of the landscape committee know if you have any questions or concerns.  We are here to help.   Finally, I want to thank Dave Wenning for donating plants that have been put to great use in the old ivy berms.  

Peg Noethlich

RV Park: No news is good news!  

Lee Worthy

Welcome:  We welcomed John and Connie [...] to the Creekside Community in November, at 2104 Circle.  Our committee has added telling new members about the option for high speed fiber optic internet service, Dave Wenning’s website and Rita Yribar’s chair yoga class online. 

Carolyn Walsh


Other News!

Decorating for the December Holidays!

It’s time to pull out all your holiday lights, ornaments, and whatever you have to make Creekside GLOW!

More than ever before, we need to share joy however we can.  Since it can’t be done in person, we can have a visual hug for all our neighbors to see and enjoy while looking out our windows, walking or even just driving by.  Let’s get out all the roof, porch, driveway, and tree lights and set up the outside “blow up” reindeer, Santa, and toys.  Then let’s decorate our interior windows with lights and decorations to share with others.  We can make our neighborhood especially cheerful as we walk or drive through or look out our windows to other condos.  While we don’t have any prizes for best decorations, our website will feature pictures of our decorations!  

Volunteer Spotlight on Jerry Switzer

This month Creekside would like to acknowledge and express special appreciation for Jerry Switzer’s work on the sprinkler system.  For several years Creekside’s ability to maintain and repair a sprinkler system that is spread over 22 acres was handicapped.  No one, not even local government offices, could locate as-built drawings or specifications of the system, a description of how it works, or maps that display the locations of its major components.  This made repairing faults, leaks, and breaks time-consuming and expensive.  Using archived records retrieved by Alice Dickey, years of notes compiled by owner Charles Van Lawick, and drawing on his experience in electronics and systems engineering, Jerry Switzer was able to identify and map the irrigation system’s control components and the general location of all irrigation stations.  The maps and diagrams he developed over the last few years have helped service professionals make repairs more quickly and enabled landscape projects to go forward with less risk.  In September alone, Switzer located and managed the repair of two major leaks and a faulty rotator, met with the new Landscape Committee to hear about future planting projects, helped formulate system improvements, and introduced members to our watering schemes.  Thank you, Jerry, for a great contribution.  Now, going forward under the leadership of Norm Culbert, Creekside is on its way to an upgraded irrigation system.  We could not have done it without this fine volunteer effort. 


Get ready for winter:  Insulate hose bibs and replace crawl space vent blocks.  Check downspout drain traps, if you have them, especially after major rainstorms!

A friendly reminder to update your email address and emergency contact information with Creekside Administration if there have been changes.  Contact Alice Dickey [...] via email with new information, or to check who we have on file.

All are Welcome!

All residents are welcome to attend our HOA workshops and the next one is Tuesday, December 8, at 9 am.

Everyone is also welcome to attend Board Meetings too.  The next one is Thursday, December 17, at 8:30 am.

While you may not be eligible to vote, your input is always welcome!

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