Creekside Village Newsletter - December, 2020


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Save the Date!  Our Creekside Annual Meeting will be February 25, 2021.  The meeting packet will be mailed out about one month earlier so take the time to be informed before the meeting!

Message from Our President Kathy Anderson: As we reach the end of 2020 and look forward to a much-improved 2021, please join me in thanking each other for kindness and support during a difficult time and wishing our friends and neighbors here at Creekside a happy and healthy new year. Staying in touch as a community has been the real challenge this year, and we expect this situation will continue to be a struggle through much of 2021. Some of us have been able to take advantage of new technology and learn new ways to get together. Others are not so fortunate, and that presents a special problem for conducting the Annual Homeowners Meeting in February. The Board of Directors is committed to keeping everyone informed and wants to hear from anyone who would like to attend the annual meeting but is “technology-challenged.” If you would like someone to help you “attend,” please contact me by phone or email. Thank you, and Happy New Year.

Board of Directors Election 2021

Creekside Village cordially invites all homeowners to stand for election to the Board of Directors. This is an opportunity for you to provide leadership and contribute to the governance and sound financial management we need to shape Creekside’s future. So far, two directors have decided to run for a second two-year term. This means we have room on the ballot for at least three more candidates. 

The Board of Directors is Creekside’s decision and policy-making body. Its primary function is to protect and preserve the property values of the village.


The most important qualifications a candidate should have are

1. A commitment to protect and preserve the property values of the village as a whole and a willingness to set aside personal interests and preferences and make objective decisions that serve the interest of the entire community, and 

A spirit of volunteerism and promoting community support.

Please give some serious thought to running for the Board. It is a wonderful way to meet your community owners and an opportunity to work with a team of creative people who share your interests.


Submit a letter of interest and/or brief resume to Alice Dickey by USPS mail or email or place it in the drop box at the Creekside Circle entrance by January 18th.  Ballots will be mailed with the Annual Meeting packets on January 25th and counted at the Annual Meeting, now scheduled for February 25th.

 If you have questions, please contact Alice Dickey or any Board Member.

News from Committees

Hospitality:  Our first Zoom Happy Hour was an enjoyable event attended by about a dozen people.  We enjoyed getting to know each other better, laughing, and sharing our holiday plans.  We plan to have these events monthly in 2021.

Landscaping:  I am pleased to introduce Marilyn Herst   and Gretchen McIndoe as the new co-chairs for Creekside landscaping effective January 1st.  As such, they will oversee Simply Yards performance, review owner landscape requests, and address owner concerns.  They will lead the Creekside Landscape Committee whose members are essential in helping manage and improve the common area property.  They have a lot of enthusiasm and new ideas, so look out for great things to come.

Though we are into the winter months, Simply Yards will continue weekly visits, with a smaller crew, to continue some late season pruning and to clear the continual debris resulting from winter winds.  They will start pruning deciduous trees in January to remove dead branches and remove limbs that are in the way of siding and gutters.  While we do not think of planting in the winter months, you can still make enhancements or additions with a good cover of mulch.  If you need any advice, please call on any of the landscape committee members. Thank you, owners, for all you do to keep our neighborhood looking good!  Peg Noethlich

RV Park:  We have some space available!  There are currently five of our 25-foot spaces available for rent at the very reasonable price of $30.00 per month.  As you know, we have one of the few paved, fenced, and lit RV/Boat/Car storage facilities in Anacortes.  Please assist us in keeping the facility as full as possible and keep in mind that we would love to have you, your family member or a friend take advantage of our facility.  It will provide a nice place for their rigs and generate funds that go directly into the Association’s operating budget.  We all win!  If you have any questions or a family member or friend in mind, feel free to reach out to me or any of the RVF team members.    Lee Worthy RV Chair

Welcome:  No new residents during the month!

Other News

The Lights of Christmas:  “A Drive-Thru Christmas” at Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood is open 5-10 pm, Wednesday thru Sunday until Dec. 30.  Online registrations required at $20-25.   If you are new to the area, you won’t want to miss this experience!

Volunteer Spotlight:  A special shout-out goes to Jerome Robbins, who initiated and followed through on a neglected maintenance item—roof cleaning and moss removal.  This has been a tough one, because it’s different on every building. And timing the work is important to its success. Jerome reported the issue, found a contractor, negotiated a contract, and will oversee the project. The work should be done within a few weeks.  Thanks, Jerome!

When Street Lights go out:  Report the following information to Puget Sound Energy--the closest residential address and the "SLAG" Number. Provide a photo if you can. Here are examples:

All are Welcome

All residents are welcome to attend our HOA workshops and the next one is Tuesday, 1/12, at 9 am. Everyone also may attend Board Meetings.  The next one is Thursday, 1/21 at 8:30 am.

These meetings are held via Zoom, so let Kathy Anderson, President of the Board, know if you want the login credentials. While you may not be eligible to vote, your input is always welcome!

Bring on the New Year 2021  

We are more than ready to leave 2020 behind and look forward to the new year with hope, joy, and peace.  Come join us for a virtual happy hour to celebrate on Wednesday, January 6th at 5 pm.  Mark your calendars now!  More details closer to the date.