Creekside Village Newsletter - October, 2020


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The Mission of the Creekside Village Homeowners Association is to protect the property value of the community as a whole and give continuity to the community by:

 1.      Preserving common assets and infrastructure through sound fiscal management, prioritizing timely maintenance, repair, and replacement of assets, and ensuring that residents’ activities support and do not compromise this mission.

2.      Providing a clean, well-maintained, aesthetically consistent appearance and promoting a safe and peaceful environment.

3.      Developing a sense of community by presenting a welcoming environment, promoting social activities and cooperation among neighbors, and eliciting direct participation from members in planning and decision-making.

4.      Fostering shared understanding through clear, consistent messaging and open communication. 

5.      Practicing objectivity and transparency in decision-making that serves the common interest and

6.      Providing a consistent process for enforcing rules and managing complaints and grievances

(Adopted as Board Resolution 2020-1 on October 22, 2020.)

Message from the President: A Few Words About the New Mission Statement

Creekside’s ability to achieve its mission depends on all of us doing our part. I want to thank the many homeowners who continue to support our wonderful community by volunteering their time and energy to lead projects and work on committees. 

 If you moved here recently, chances are you assumed, or your realtor told you, that having a homeowners association meant access to professional managers who are available to respond almost immediately to requests for maintenance and repair. The fact is Creekside is a self-managed organization that relies on a population of mostly retired people who volunteer to manage the maintenance and repair work that comes with living in a 30-year-old development. 

 Creekside has a lot of work to do. In addition to annual routine maintenance, over the next two years the association will be replacing gutters and downspouts, repairing and replacing elements of the irrigation system, and resurfacing roadways. Although we do our best, Board members cannot do this work all by themselves and get it done timely. You do not need to be board members to work on projects, and we are going to need all the help we can get. Please consider volunteering to help with any project or committee that interests you so we can accomplish our goals. 

 Speaking of Board members, Creekside must fill at least three director positions starting March 1. It is an opportunity to serve your community, learn a lot, be part of a team, and get to know your neighbors. If you are interested and willing to serve in any capacity, please contact me or any Board member. 

 Thank you. Kathy Anderson

Hospitality Committee:  With the pandemic numbers rising, we made the decision to cancel all event gatherings this year.  The Board approved this decision.  Normally, we schedule a lunch, happy hour, or dinner at a local restaurant every other month to get to know each other better.  We sit at the same tables, speak without masks, laugh, share stories, and become better neighbors.  We plan to have a Zoom gathering soon for coffee time or happy hour so we can see each other’s smiling faces!  A flyer will be sent out soon so watch for it.  In early December, please bring out all the decorations for holiday season and decorate your condo and yard with cheer for all to enjoy!

Landscape Committee: Neighbors planted viburnum, heather, and native ferns on the old ivy berm.  Thank you to the many volunteers that helped dig, plant, and rake.  We will add additional plants next spring.  Simply Yards continues fall pruning and clean-up throughout the property.  Please contact me or any member of the Landscape Committee if you have any questions or concerns or want any advice on the plantings around your home.  If any of you are considering improving our HOA landscaped area you should fill out a landscape form and submit this to Alice Dickey who will forward it to the landscape committee.  We have seen some wonderful improvements from some of our newest residents this year. Peg Noethlich  

RV Facility:  We currently have three of our 25-foot spaces, without power, available for owners or their friends and family.  The fee for the space is $30.00 per month and is paid either in full for the year or one half at a time.  Unused time is refunded back to the tenant (of course terms & restrictions apply).  If you have any questions or would like to potentially sponsor someone, please contact Lee Worthy (see Roster).

Welcoming Committee:  Please welcome warmly Joyce and Grant at 2105 Creekside Lane!  This Committee is in the process of calling them and introducing them into our community.

Do You Know Your Documents


2.1 General: The purpose of these rules is to accommodate demand for parking without obstructing access, obscuring sight lines or pedestrians from view, or detracting from the attractive, well-maintained appearance of common areas. CC&R 3.1, 7.2, 11.2, 11.3

2.2 Use: Except for the Recreational Vehicle Lot, parking is restricted to operative passenger vehicles only.

2.3 Overnight Parking is restricted to garages, common area guest spaces, and the

recreational vehicle parking lot. Residents may park overnight on garage ramps only for short periods in order to accommodate guests or special needs and shall notify the Association in advance.

2.4 Guest Parking is for non-residents only, including service providers, and is limited to two-weeks, unless otherwise permitted by the Association.

2.5 Common Areas. Parking in common areas is restricted to guest spaces and is not permitted on grass or in roadways. Vehicles may not extend beyond curbs and driveways, obscure sight lines, or otherwise inhibit use of roadways.

2.6 Removal: The Association may require removal of any item, equipment, or improperly licensed, inoperative, or unsightly vehicles.

Gutter Cleaning is starting again!  The second round for 2020 is now underway!

Special Thanks to Our September Volunteers!

Mary R. and Nancy A. for taking over the creation of our monthly newsletter.

David K. for keeping the Portuguese Laurel in check so the drain over the creek is clear.

Jerome R. taking the lead on the moss control rooftop project.

Kathy Anderson, Norm Culbert, Pat G., Marilyn H., David K., Gretchen M., and Peggy Noethlich for helping test our sprinkler system.

Pat G. for helping Alice Dickey count ballot votes.  Please return your ballot by November 15th!

Get ready for winter: Insulate hose bibs and replace crawl space vent blocks.  Check downspout drain traps, if you have them, especially after major rainstorms!