Directors' Meeting Minutes - September, 2020

DATE:   Thursday, September 17, 2020 

PLACE:    Online via Zoom

BOARD MEMBERS: Kathy Anderson, President 

         Marilyn Herst, Vice President

         Peggy Noethlich, Secretary

         Norm Culbert, Treasurer

MINUTES:  Alice Dickey

Residents were notified of the Board meeting and invited to join on Zoom.

CALL TO ORDER: President Anderson called the meeting to order at 8:35.

QUORUM: Alice Dickey confirmed there were 4 Board members present.  

PRIOR MEETING MINUTES: Norm Culbert made a motion to approve August Minutes, Peggy Noethlich seconded, all in favor, motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Norm Culbert said the Reserve balance now exceeds $700,000, about $100,000 is working capital for the Reserves.  Running close to budget.


1. For the record: On September 1 the BOD appointed owner Marilyn Herst to the Board, filling the position vacated by Craig [_]*.  Herst will assume [_] duties as Vice President.  She will serve until the Annual Meeting in February, at that time she can run for a full term.

2. For the record:  On September 10 Secretary Peg Noethlich made a motion, seconded by Marilyn Herst, to remove and replace gutters and downspouts, including downspout diverters, at 2110 and 2101 Creekside Lane.  The motion carried by unanimous vote.  The project will serve to test the efficiency of the diverters and inform decisions for future replacement projects.

3. A ballot for a By-Laws amendment to permit the use of electronic media will be going out for a mail-in vote in the near future.  Requires a 60% affirmative vote to pass.  This is suggested by the attorneys for the WA State Condominium Association Institute for associations when their By-Laws do no cover this.  Due to Covid-19 most meetings are now held electronically.

4. For the record: On September 10 the BOD approved execution of the association’s annual insurance contract with Community Association Underwriters.

5. A revision to clarify Rules & Regulations Section 9 (Leasing) Amendment will be going out to the Board for review.


Architecture:  Per written report by Dick Walsh:

1. Request from [_] 2006 Circle, for 6 Skytube type skylights has been approved by the Architectural Committee and BOD and forwarded to the homeowners.

2. Request from [_] 2101 Lane, for 2 Skytube type skylights has been approved by the Architectural Committee and is ready for BOD approval.  Peg Noethlich made a motion to approve, Marilyn Herst seconded, all in favor, motion passed. [_] had also requested a “front entry deck rail replacement”, which Dick passed on to Peggy.

3. Dick has a September 30 appointment with Island Sash & Door to measure for replacement glass at six homes.

Elections:  Due to this committee being rarely used there was discussion about changing Election Committee from Standing to Ad-Hoc, also changing Landscape and RV from Ad-Hoc to Standing.  This will require a change to the By-Laws.

Hospitality:  Per Mary [_] – Nothing new to report, will probably have to cancel October 14 event, also December event at Anthony’s.  May be able to do caroling in small groups, wearing masks.

Landscape:  Per Peg Noethlich – Marilyn Herst and Gretchen [_] will be co-chairs of the Landscape Committee as of March 1, 2021 after the Annual Meeting.  Peg, Marilyn, and Gretchen met with Riley Gunderson of Simply Yards – talked about 2021 contract, issues with current service.  Will walk with him end of month to look at pruning of trees under 12’, will ribbon them at that time, pruning to start in January when sap has stopped running.  In October will be moving 4 big bush maples off the north berm (wrong setting for them) to other locations.  Will be doing a phased replanting of the ivy berm areas, will put in low-growing, drought tolerant, evergreen plants for the 1st phase, about $500.  Next spring will put in a second phase for about $1,500.  Landscape Committee will be doing a lot of the work, she said she appreciates the participation, support, and ideas.  Norm said he and Jerry walked the property with Mark of Simply Yards, very helpful.  Will need to make decision whether to move heads or remove vegetation.  Peg said landscape Committee will walk thru him to help with whatever needs to be done.

RV:  Per Lee Worthy – Facility looks good, secure, no further problems with gate being locked (thanks to Dick’s sign) or key disappearing (thanks to Norm putting it on chain).  Still have 4 of the 25’ spaces available, now have a 40’ space with power available.   

Welcome:  Per Peggy Noethlich – Carolyn had committee meeting in her garage, told them that she called new owners to welcome them and asked that committee members do the same.  Due to Covid-19, all that is being done at this time.

FINANCIAL STATUS REPORT:  Per Norm Culbert – Have had first budget meeting, will be looking at doing some lump sum replacements on some items.  If done, would have to reallocate funds.  Will make request for Reserve Study with September 30th financials.  


Sprinklers:  Per Norm Culbert – Water usage is very inconsistent, need to replace controllers as soon as possible, will be approximate $1,200 expense– Mark is working on bid.  Also need to replace all of the sprinkler heads, ours work but not efficiently.  Once all completed will save about 25% to 30% on irrigation water.  Another money saver will be to replace all valves in a box if one goes bad, saves labor cost of digging up box.

Gutters & Downspouts:  Per Norm Culbert – Will be installing 2 gutters, he’s still looking for diverter supplier.


Storm Drain Charges: Norm said Dick still working on draft of letter to the City.


1. Jerome [_] is concerned about the moss on the roof, needs to be attended to before damages shingles.  Peg said Frontline Services blew off roofs and then sprayed roofs with a moss kill application, needed more heat than we had this year to work properly, was told couldn’t use stronger product due to roof warranty.  She said she would love for Jerome to head up strategy for moss removal – he agreed.  Lee Worthy suggested using copper stripping, especially for units under the trees.

2. Norm had discussion with Mark (when walking sprinklers) about road conditions, got some names from him.  Discussion on roads, snow plowing, etc.

3. Jerome says some buildings under the trees need more than 2 gutter cleanings a year, some of the buildings in the open areas could get by with one.

4. Jerome trying an experiment on his gutter corner to stop leaking, will let them know if it works.

5. Norm said we now have a court date for our lawsuit, but not until April.

ADJOURNMENT:  Peg Noethlich made motion to adjourn, Norm Culbert seconded, all in favor, meeting adjourned at 10:00.

*Editor's comment:  [_] denotes redaction from original text to protect residents' internet privacy.