Creekside Village Newsletter - September, 2020


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Message from Creekside’s President:  How I Spent My Summer Vacation—Learning!

COVID-19 has presented some special challenges. We have had to learn new ways to conduct business. It’s been difficult to welcome new neighbors and socialize with friends, hold meetings, and work effectively with service providers. Kudos to committee members and owners who have stepped up to help.  

Meanwhile, the Board of Directors continues the 2021 budget development process and to collect reports and requests for maintenance and repair. Creekside is a 30-year old development that is showing its age. Major assets that have reached the end of their useful life and soon will require maintenance and replacement include gutter and downspouts, roadway surfaces, and the sprinkler and irrigation system. It also has become clear that Creekside cannot rely upon owners to volunteer to manage projects and day-to-day operations. The Board hopes members will step up to contribute their skill and experience so we can meet these challenges together.  

Kathy Anderson, President

Board Actions and Meeting Highlights: 

Marilyn Herst appointed to the Board of Directors, assuming the role of Vice President, effective September 1 in the wake of Craig’s resignation. Marilyn will serve through February. 

Gutters & Downspout replacement project approved September 10, at 2110 and 2101 Creekside Lane. The project will serve to test the efficacy of the diverters and inform decisions for gutter & downspout replacements. 

Lee Worthy appointed to the Board of Directors as Member at Large, effective September 27. 

Welcome Committee:  Please join us in offering a warm welcome to new neighbors: David and Beth at 2503 Lane, Doug and Rose at 2004 Lane, and Jon at 2609 Lane. 

Hospitality Committee: Are things ever going to get back to "normal" so we can gather together for lunch or dinner soon?  With the WA State restrictions at 50% capacity inside restaurants and a maximum of 5 people at a table from the same household, this probably won't be happening in 2020.  So the planned 10/14 lunch at Island Cafe and the 12/2 Anthony's Banquet dinner are now cancelled.  We still hope to have caroling in the neighborhood in December, but the singers may be limited to groups of 5 and be wearing masks.  As the weather starts to change and autumn colors become nature's favorites, we turn our attention to harvest bounty and blessings, and to the holidays in the last quarter of 2020.

The Landscape Committee has been busy this past month on a number of actions:

Staged replanting of the old ivy berm:  We are starting with a fall planting of viburnum and heather, using some plantings from the north berm, and will add another layer of plants next spring with a layer of mulch.  The plantings are low maintenance and drought tolerant; once complete, they will provide year-round interest. 

South of the ivy berm is a section of gold mop cypress. We will continue to plant the empty bed to the south with additional cypress. These plantings are hardy, drought tolerant, and grow well on a slope.  We will add a few heather for seasonal color.

North berm moves:  Simply Yards will transplant four (4) maples that are overtaking other plantings from the north berm to other locations throughout the property.

Simply Yards has submitted proposals for the 2021 maintenance, irrigation, and pruning contracts.  No increase in pricing.  We are working with Riley Gunderson, our new SY rep, to add contract language that will make it easier for all of us to understand what we can expect and to provide a weekly recap of work performed.  Riley’s report from September 22nd: 

“Yesterday Edgar and crew mowed everything, removed leaf and branch debris, blew off driveways and streets, pruned by the place and from the H street entrance towards the RV park. They sprayed for weeds along the areas they pruned (after cleanup of course).  To also recap last week - I had sent Adam on his own to finish off the to-do list of dead shrub removals and cleaning out the creek bed.  Next week pruning will continue along with continued line trimming and debris removal of the upper creek. Anything else you might add to that list as a priority I will happily pass along!”

Peg Noethlich, Chair

Recreational Vehicle Facility Committee:  We continue to have four of the 25-foot spaces available for rent. The rest of the lot is full.

Lee Worthy, Chair

Reminder to Watch Your Speed, and don’t forget to tell your visitors. Creekside has a lot of blind corners, no sidewalks, and slow-moving pedestrians.  

Insurance renewed:  Creekside Village PUD has renewed its insurance policy with Community Association Underwriters (CAU) for 2020-21. Copies are available from Alice Dickey. The annual policy premium package includes a property policy with terms for full replacement coverage on each unit with a $5000 deductible.  Included in the package is earthquake insurance coverage with a limit of $28,175,000 and a 10% per building deductible that owners are responsible for.  CAU suggests each homeowner review their individual coverage and Creekside’s policy with their insurance carriers so they can make informed decisions about increasing their deductible coverage. CAU, for example, suggests individuals might wish to obtain additional coverage of up to $40,000 in the event of a major earthquake.

Marilyn Herst, Vice President

Election Heads Up:  The January 2021 election looms large. Assuming Peg Noehtlich and Kathy Anderson are willing to serve a second two-year term, the HOA must fill three positions. If they choose not to run, Creekside will be looking for five new Board Members. We are a self-managed community. We need help. We can’t do all the work we need to do without you.

Amending By-Laws:  The Board will be asking owners to approve changes to the By-Laws. Watch your mail for ballots, and please vote YES to:

  • Allow the use of electronic media to conduct association business when emergency conditions, such as the current public health crisis, prevent in-person meetings. Creekside’s current by-laws are “silent” on the issue. Attorneys recommend making explicit provisions for this in the by-laws; and,
  • Change the designation of certain committees to accurately reflect their current operation as either ad-hoc or standing.

Help Wanted:  Election Assistance. Alice Dickey will need help in tallying ballots in upcoming elections. Who will help her with this?

Building Painting Progress:  While we scheduled ten (10) buildings to be painted this year, we may only get nine (9) painted. Smoke from wildfires followed by recent rainstorms have slowed progress. How many we complete will depend on October weather conditions.

Peg Noethlich, Chair

Add your name and improve Creekside’s odds to receive the City’s fiberoptic service. Register now at  This is a NON-BINDING application form the City uses to determine the level of interest and cost-effectiveness of providing fiberoptic service to a neighborhood. It is an opportunity for Creekside to move up on the waiting list. The more people who sign up in a neighborhood, the sooner that neighborhood will receive the service.

Editor's Comments:  Names of non-Board members are edited to protect residents' internet privacy.  

Because I am a newbie at Creekside, I still need some help finishing the About Us page here on the website.  This is the place to show off a bit to the public.  I am not looking for elaborate prose, but if you can do it, that would be great.  What I really need are some facts and figures, thoughts, musings, ideas, etc.  For example:

  • What are we?  Who are we?  What is our story?  What are our values?
  • What is our history?  When was it built?  Who built it? All at once or in phases?
  • What is our mission?  How do we accomplish it?
  • How are we governed?  Is there a relevant legal authority or WAC?
  • Why do we live here?  Is there a "Creekside lifestyle?"  How are we unique?
Any thoughts you can jot down would be great.  The more I can collect, the better.  Send them to me via email.  You can find the address in the Roster.  Or use the "Ask Creekside" email form in the sidebar here on the website.  Many thanks.

Dave Wenning, Website Administrator