Directors' Meeting Minutes - August, 2020

DATE:   Thursday, August 20, 2020
PLACE:   Online Via Zoom

BOARD MEMBERS: Kathy Anderson, President
         Peggy Noethlich, Secretary
         Norm Culbert, Treasurer

MINUTES:  Alice Dickey

RESIDENTS JOINING:  Marilyn He*, Marilyn Ho* Robert M.* Mary R*, Jerry S*, Dick W*, Suzie W*.

CALL TO ORDER: President Anderson called the meeting to order at 8:50.

QUORUM: Alice Dickey determined there was a quorum.

PRIOR MEETING MINUTES: Peggy Noethlich made a motion to approve June Minutes, Norm Culbert seconded, all in favor, motion passed.


1. Alice said no outstanding correspondence, all maintenance requests have been forwarded to committees.

2. Kathy related questions posed by buyer of one of the units, she spoke with the realtor representing the seller, gave him the pertinent information.


1. Alice has now been given a job title – HOA Administrator.  This will be used in documents where needed.

2. Kathy read the email from Vice President Craig Illman regarding his resignation from the Board*.



1. To enter into Minutes – Deck extension requested by 2511 Lane*, was approved by the Board at the 06/09/20 workshop.

2. Dick Walsh said he’s misplaced some of the Architectural Requests that came to him in the last couple of weeks.  Alice will resend.

Hospitality:  Per Mary R* – The only event that hasn’t been cancelled was in February.  The next tentative event is in October at Island CafĂ©, but will probably be cancelled also.  Possibly can have caroling in December, would have to split up into smaller groups and refreshments would have to be served outside – will have to wait and see.

Landscape:  Per Peg Noethlich – Marilyn He* and Gretchen M* will be taking over the Landscape Committee as of 01/01/21.  Peg, Marilyn and Gretchen met with Jennifer of Simply Yards.  Jennifer will be leaving, and she introduced our new rep – Riley Gunderson.  They walked some of the property – since Simply Yards didn’t work part of March and April (key months for weed germination) the weeds are now hard to keep up with.

Crews are back to full strength; grass is in dormant stage; since we had some rain in May Board didn’t water, which has created some brown areas at this time, will green up when rains start in the fall; mowing will now be every other week.  Simply Yards hand weeding (not in contract) north berm; first round of pruning is done; second pruning will start in September.

Have requested proposals from all contractors for budgeting purposes which starts in September.

Have started walk of the property to identify trees that need to be limbed away from buildings.  Simply Yards only does tree work up to 12’, therefore this work will require bids from tree companies.

Kathy took the lead in writing a letter to some residents on the Place that requested pruning of the arborvitae.  After much research the letter stated we don’t prune for views, just prune to protect our assets.  Also, pruning the arborvitae would be very costly for the initial work, plus the ongoing maintenance that would be required.  At Kathy’s request Peg will be writing up parameters of work for the Landscape Committee.

Maintenance:  Per Peg Noethlich – Mike Hedrick replaced 8 skylights in July and August. Also installed the glass panels at 1811 Lane, which was leftover work from 2019, came in under budget and owner paid half of the cost.  Brad Fowler completed work on deck post and rail replacements.  Also did chimney siding replacement at 1815 Place that was left over work from 2019.

No outstanding work orders.  New work orders are: skylight at 2110 Circle, deck rail at 2011 Circle, new garage door at 2118 Lane.

Painting proceeding well, 6 completed, 4 remaining.

Discussion about expenses, invoices being turned in timely, leads can spend from budgeted amount without having to go to BOD for each item.

RV:  Per Lee Worthy (by email) – No changes in status of RV yard. Still have 4 of the 25’ spaces available. 

Welcome:  Per Dick Walsh – Committee has visited 1811 Place* and 2503 Lane*.


Per Norm Culbert –Norm said we have opened a second checking account just for Reserves.  With this change and the new format on financial statements, it is easier to see amounts in Operations and Reserves.  Budget is at the max, need to be very careful to hold expenses so can make the desired 25% contribution to Reserves. Budget planning to start September 14th, will be each Monday from 9:00 to 12:00.


Gutters & Downspouts:  Per Norm Culbert – Board approved contract for Serene Gutter at the August 20th workshop. Serene had provided a sample gutter corner at Board’s request.  Provides 20 year warranty for material and installation, 6” aluminum, seamless gutters, screwed to fascia, instead of nailed.  This year will do 2110 Lane and 2101 Lane, possibly starting next week. Researching downspout traps - discussion.

Sprinklers:  Per Norm Culbert – Very happy, Jerry is back!  Researching best sprinkler heads and controllers.  Have learned many new products on market that will help update our system without digging up pipes.  Had major leak under driveway, Efron fixed, took 12 man hours.



1. Norm said there was a fire hydrant leak on the Place.  He called fire department, they checked it and set up with City to repair.

2. Peg asked schedule for sprinklers – Mon/Wed/Fri per Jerry.

3. Discussion about watering 3 new cedars – this is only their second summer, need to continue watering this year.

ADJOURNMENT: Peg Noethlich made motion to adjourn, Norm Culbert seconded, all in favor, meeting adjourned at 9:55.

* denotes redactions from original by editor.