Creekside Village Newsletter - July-August, 2020

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The Board of Directors’ focus now is on 2021 Budget Development, which will begin in earnest as on-line ZOOM meetings on Monday September 14. As provided in Part 7.1.2 of the By-Laws, the BOD will welcome owners who wish to serve as members of a Finance Committee convened for this purpose. The minimum time commitment is approximately 12 hours’ attendance at three 3-hour workshops from 9 am to 12 noon, September 14, 21, and 28. The BOD welcomes ideas and questions from all members, and everyone is welcome—if only to observe. If you are interested in participating, please notify any board member.

Meanwhile, the BOD asks owners to submit by Labor Day any reports of maintenance and repair issues they have noticed in and around their buildings to the HOA Administrator, Alice Dickey. Please send them via email to OR by U.S. mail to 2002 Creekside Circle 98221 OR placed in the Drop Box located on the left (west) end of the mailboxes at the intersection of Creekside Circle and Creekside Lane. This is an opportunity to submit new requests using the form provided on our website and in the appendix of the Rules and Regulations. If you have submitted requests in the past, but have not received an acknowledgement or response, please, send us copies with a note to that effect. Written requests start the audit trail for any expenditure and document decision-making to approve or deny expenditures

BOD Resignation and Impact on Governance:  In August, Craig Illman resigned from the Board, creating a major gap in the association’s capacity to govern and manage work effectively. Without at least three to form a quorum, the HOA cannot conduct its business as required by law. The January 2021 election could require the HOA to fill as many as five positions: In addition, to Craig Illman’s position, there is the unfilled vacancy left by Dick Walsh, who retired in 2020. Norm Culbert’s term ends in February 2021, as do the first terms for Peg Noethlich and Kathy Anderson. Both will have to choose to run for a second two-year term. Creekside is self-managed, relying on owners to volunteer their time and skills to perform the association’s business. Who is willing to serve?

News from the Hospitality Committee:  We hope that you are enjoying the summer weather, looking forward to a cooler fall, and staying healthy and following Washington State and Skagit County restrictions as we navigate this unusual time in our world.

There are no scheduled Hospitality Committee events planned until December. But we do encourage you to continue to talk safely with your neighbors, have a happy hour in your driveway or deck (if you have stairs to such), see what's going on while taking a walk to the mailbox or walking your dog.

We are so fortunate to live in a very low crime, scenic, and quiet neighborhood!

News from the Landscape Committee:  Marilyn H* and Gretchen M* have agreed to co-chair the Landscape Committee in 2021. The committee began a “walk” of the property to identify trees over 12 feet that require pruning or “limbing away” from roofs, siding and gutters. Lawns are going dormant for the season, and mowing will be bi-weekly in most areas.

The By-Laws establish a Nominating Committee as a "standing committee," although no one has been willing to serve the past two years. Who is willing to serve now?

From the Website Administrator:  Take a look at our About-Us page here, and notice the blank spaces between the photos.  We're still looking for some help to get this page finished.  The About-Us page is where we tell our story.  Who are we?  Why do we live here?  How are we governed?  What is our mission?  What is our history?  What matters to us?  We'd like to hear from anyone who can help answer these questions.  We want website visitors to come away thinking, "that's a place where I'd like to live."  A quality About-Us page also improves a website's search engine performance.  We are not looking for a lengthy treatise.  Just jot down your thoughts and send them to David W. via email or use the "Ask Creekside" email form here in the sidebar.

New photos have been added to the album page.  Also the format has been changed to make them easier to view.  Click on any photo to see them full size in the Lightbox viewer.

Newsletter:  BOD Secretary Peg Noethlich and President Kathy Anderson have collaborated to compose a monthly newsletter. Who is willing to serve by taking over this work? Peg and Kathy are running out of hours in the day.

Fiberoptic Service Sign Up Here:  This is a NON-BINDING application form the City uses to determine the level of interest and cost-effectiveness of providing this service to a neighborhood. It is an opportunity for Creekside to move up on the waiting list. The more people who sign up in a neighborhood, the sooner that neighborhood will receive the service.


No Plastic Bag Pick Up Anywhere. Any Time.

Pet Waste Does Not Go in Compost:  Bag separately and place in  individual garbage bins only.

Yard Waste:  Place in paper yard waste bags and on the curb. Simply Yards will remove and dispose of them at no additional charge to you or the HOA.  Editor's note:  Large paper yard waste bags are available from local hardware stores, home improvement stores and from Amazon.

No Bags at all may be left outside the RV area. The City of Anacortes charges $6.39 for each bag left next to the totes. In May, fees for extra bags totaled $211, a cost we can avoid.

Recreational Vehicle Facility:   Four 25-foot (no power) spaces are still available for owners, friends, or family at only $30 per month. There is new signage thanks to Dick Walsh and a new more secure lock box thanks to Norm Culbert. If you have any questions, please contact Lee Worthy or any RV committee member. Lee Worthy, Chair

Building Painting Progress:  Five down and four to go. We expect to finish end of September.

Gutter and Downspout Replacement:  Creekside has contracted with Serene Gutter Systems, Inc., to remove and replace gutters on two units this year. This work will inform our gutter replacement strategy throughout Creekside in the coming years.

Annual Maintenance and Repair:  Creekside replaced eight leaky skylights, deck posts and rails at two units, and chimney siding on Creekside Place. Dick Walsh has taken the lead on window replacements and is working with Island Sash and door.

That’s all, folks!

* denotes redactions from original by editor