Directors' Meeting Minutes - June, 2020

DATE:   Thursday, June 18, 2020 
PLACE:   Via Zoom Teleconference

BOARD MEMBERS: Kathy Anderson, President 
        Craig Illman, Vice-president
                 Peggy Noethlich, Secretary
        Norm Culbert, Treasurer
MINUTES:  Alice Dickey

RESIDENTS JOINING:  Due to technical difficulties no residents joined.

CALL TO ORDER: President Anderson called the meeting to order at 8:40.

QUORUM: President Anderson determined there was a quorum.  

PRIOR MEETING MINUTES: President Anderson asked for a thumbs up from Board members if they approved the May Minutes, all approved.


CORRESPONDENCE:  Alice Dickey said no outstanding correspondence, all maintenance requests have been forwarded to committees.  Did receive the notice from PSE regarding no/low usage on irrigation meters, Alice has responded.

1. July break – there will be no workshop or BOD meeting in July.  Notice to be put in Newsletter, plus reminder email to all residents.
2. New rental – An owner of one of the rental units is putting in a new tenant, plus using a new property manager.  During the process it was discovered the re-write of the Rules & Regulations made the section on Rentals harder to understand the intent.  Discussion.  Will be worked on, and remedy brought to August workshop for discussion.
3. Bragg plumbing issue for the record – turned out to be an owner expense.  President Anderson said insulation is wet, she made owner aware of the problem.  Will need to be replaced to negate damage to building.
4. Future meeting – Methodist Church probably not be available for a few months.

(Committee chairs unable to attend meeting due to technical difficulties, will be asked to submit reports to BOD and Alice by email)
Architecture:  No report
Hospitality:  Per Mary – As of now all Creekside community social events are on hold.  The next scheduled event is happy hour at The Cabana on August 12th, is doubtful this event will occur.  At this time probably the only interaction would be for neighbors to gather in driveways to socialize in good weather, with their own chairs and beverages, and maintain 6’ physical distance, and also wearing masks as they gather and depart. Mary stated would appreciate Board input regarding this idea. 
Landscape:  Per Peg Noethlich – Proposal from Simply Yards to move a few of the maples from north berm to bare area behind 2004/2006 Lane.  Quote is $500, which is a great price, will take out of discretionary landscape fund.  Work to be done in September.  Peg said work on re-plant of ivy area will be put off until next year. 
RV:  Per Lee Worthy – We have 4 of the 25’ spaces available for owners, friends or family.  These spaces are currently offered at $30.00 per month.  Any questions, please contact Lee Worthy or any RV committee member.   
Welcome:  No report

TREASURER’S REPORT: Per Norm Culbert – Gave a strong “atta boy” to Peg Noethlich for the work to get reduction in Simply Yards contract in March and April when didn’t work due to Covid shut down, a savings of approximately $8,000.  The two CD’s that came up for renewal will be kept at WA Fed Bank, new rate dropped to .04%.  Alice brought up $200 charge on City bill for yard waste pickup.  Per Peg and Kathy is legitimate, there were LOTS of debris bags left by totes.  Peg has talked with Jennifer of Simply Yards, if bags are put at end of driveways on Tuesdays they will pick them up – no extra charge.  Alice to send email to residents regarding this.

Gutters & Downspouts:  Per Norm Culbert – Has been in contact with Serene Gutters, installation is set for July 1st.  Norm asked Peg to confirm addresses – 2110 Lane (“A” stand alone) and 1912/1914 Place (“A” double).  If enough money – 2101 Lane (“C” stand alone).  Will be using standard gutters.  Got quote of $95/$125 per downspout traps, hasn’t seen any literature as yet.  Serene will make up example of corner seams.  Discussion about Norm and Craig working together on gutters so have continuity when Norm goes off Board next year.  
Pest Control: Per Norm Culbert – When Surety does inspections they sometime notice small repairs needed, send bid ($43/$48), easier if Norm approves and gets work done.  Discussion about some problems with getting into locked crawl spaces, also some owners not allowing pest spraying. 
Discussion about what items should to be brought up at workshop, and what at BOD meetings.  Subject of discussion was having a presentation by Surety Pest regarding product used – some residents have expressed concerns about toxic spray, want to know alternatives.  This would be gathering information for the 2021 contract.


Patio fences at 2004/2006 Lane:  Per Peg Noethlich – Dick Walsh did design for fence option, cost would be $3,000.  A plant option would be $2,200.  Both owners agree to the plant option.  Craig Illman made a motion to approve the plant option, Kathy Anderson seconded, all in favor, motion passed.  Norm Culbert will decide which account to apply costs.

ADJOURNMENT: Norm Culbert made motion to adjourn, Craig Illman seconded, all in favor, meeting adjourned at 9:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Alice Dickey