Directors' Meeting Minutes - April, 2020

DATE:   Thursday, April 23, 2020 
PLACE:   Electronic

BOARD MEMBERS: Kathy Anderson, President 
        Craig Illman, Vice-president
                 Peggy Noethlich, Secretary
        Norm Culbert, Treasurer
MINUTES:  Alice Dickey

RESIDENTS PRESENT:  No in-person meeting due to “Stay Home Stay Healthy” order.

CALL TO ORDER: President Anderson gathered all information/reports electronically, forwarded to Alice to write Minutes.

PRIOR MEETING MINUTES: Kathy Anderson made a motion to approve March Minutes as written, Craig Illman seconded, all in favor, motion passed.  (Vote by email)



Note from resident that is out of town having cancer treatments, said she is “very blessed and thankful for all the residents in Creekside”.  President Anderson sent a return note with our well wishes.


Enforcement Efforts: The Association imposed penalties for parking violations, and as of this date the owner appears to be in compliance.


Per Norm Culbert - March and April has brought about two non-budgeted expenses.  The good news with the increased interest income has now been somewhat lower as we had to pay $1,700+ IRS taxes on that income.  We completed the IRS return with our check.  However, we are researching two IRS forms that are specifically used for HOA’s regarding interest income vs our expenses.  In the event we determine that there may be some additional offsetting expenses that weren’t obvious in the exhibits the Auditor was working with, we will file an amended return to capture any portion of this expense.

Secondly, there is a large Laurel that has grown so much its bringing pressure on the large pipe that crosses the stream.  The bid for removal of the whole bush, is $978.  We waited for the tree cutting project to be completed, before proceeding with this project.  We will at that time walk the project with the tree cutting company to assure he understands the nature of the project, so that we may be able to reduce the cost some.

Better news is all of our CD’s won’t mature until very late this year and into next year.  Hopefully economy will have rebounded some by then so we won’t have to renew in very low interest rates.


Architecture:  Per Dick Walsh - Received a request for a handrail and is working with the    owner and BOD on the next steps.

Hospitality:  Per Mary Robbins – The Committee cancelled the April 24th luncheon at the Greek Islands restaurant in response to the social-distancing recommendations of public health officials. The next scheduled lunch is tentatively planned at Bastion's Brewing, just off Highway 20, on June 10th.  Hopefully, our health safety by then will allow us to gather together. Mary reports that volunteers are still available for shopping and errands to neighbors who need assistance. We will list them, again, in the newsletter. (See below)

Landscape:  Per Peg Noethlich – Simply Yards stopped weekly routine maintenance work in mid-March due to the COVID-19 challenge, but resumed work Monday, April 20th.  An adjusted invoice for March services was approved and paid.  Simply Yards will adjust the April invoice accordingly. 

The landscape committee did some weeding on the north berm in the interim and their efforts are appreciated.  

The committee is reviewing an owner’s request for specific landscape services, which may depend upon Simply Yards’ availability.

RV:  Per Lee Worthy – There was a reported loss of the gate key, Lee requested all RV tenants to check to see if they could find the missing key--without success.  New padlocks will be replaced, the combination for the key boxes will be changed and a new key box will replace the old box at the south gate.  All of these updates will be effective Monday morning May 4th.  (Thanks Norm Culbert). 

Three of the 25-foot (no power) spaces are available for Creekside owners, friends or family at this time. 

Welcome:  Per Carolyn Walsh – A new resident, Pat Gardner, moved in after March 31st, just as the Covid-19 epidemic took hold and we began social-distancing. Carolyn called Pat to arrange a time to visit with her and extended our warmest welcome on April 6. She then emailed the rest of the committee with Pat’s phone number, letting them know if they wanted to call to welcome her that she would be delighted to receive calls.


Homeowner Requests:  Per Craig Illman - The association referred a request for deck rail painting to Final Touch and added a report of leaking gutters to the list of homes requiring gutter repair and replacement, a top priority.

Gutter Cleaning:  Per Norm Culbert – The spring gutter cleaning is in process.  Tim has completed 24 buildings. There remains to be cleaned 4 in the Circle and 10 on the upper Lane.

Roof Moss Removal:  Per Peg Noethlich – Two contractors, Frontline and A Clean Streak, have been contacted to prepare proposals and estimates.

Restoration of Natural Area:  Per Craig Illman - Following removal of dead trees on the northwest property line, the HOA purchased and planted fifty trees and large shrubs and relocated twenty or more salal plants to the area from the north berm. We've installed the 70+ drip emitters and are currently on a schedule of weekly watering, putting about two gallons of water on each plant. As the weather dries, we’ll likely increase the frequency to every three days through mid-September. The soil was surprisingly good compared to the heavy clay between our houses, so we're optimistic about how things should grow.

Renovation Pruning:  Per Peg Noethlich – Simply Yards completed the renovation prune in mid-March.  They concentrated on the Upper Lane and Upper Place taking shrubs down to window height.  Some shrubs due to size and species could not be pruned.  They pruned approximately 75 shrubs in accordance with their contract, the invoice was approved and paid.

Painting: Per Peg Noethlich - Final Touch Painting was approved to order all of the house paint for the 2020 painting season.  Painting will begin Monday May 4th subject to weather.  Ten buildings will be painted (this includes the Upper Lane and the top two buildings on the Place).

Gutter Replacement:  Per Norm Culbert - Now that it appears that construction type companies will be allowed to go back to work we will seek 2-3 bids for gutter replacement.  Also will request bids for each of the 7 plans (Duplex Plans A, B, & C; Triplex; Plan E; and 2 Stand Alones A & C.)  Due to our painting project in process, we have budgeted to replace gutters for 2 buildings this year; 2 for 2021; 17 for 2022; & 17 for 2023.  Depending on what the needed expenses are for years 2021-2023, we may be able to accelerate this important project.

Tree Removal Project:  Per Norm Culbert - The removal of 39 trees in the NW corner of Creekside Village and 49 vine maples located throughout our community was completed with minimal problems.  We are very pleased with the professional way Pioneer Tree Service completed the job. One of the contiguous residents was so pleased with how careful they did their work, provided fresh baked banana bread and cupcakes almost every day they were at the NW corner site. 
Respectfully submitted,

Alice Dickey                                                                                            

Neighborly Support:  Creekside’s Hospitality and Welcoming Committees have stepped up to support our more vulnerable neighbors who might need help by volunteering to:
  • Pick up and deliver groceries and prescriptions.
  • Run errands if businesses are open.
  • Walk dogs, wearing disposable gloves each time so there is no personal contact with leash surfaces.  (You provide the poop bags!
  • Make daily phone calls to neighbors to check that they are doing well.
To arrange services, contact the chairperson of the Hospitality or Welcome committee found in the current Creekside Roster.

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Edited by Dave Wenning