Directors' Meeting Minutes - May, 2020

DATE:   Thursday, May 21, 2020 
PLACE:   Zoom Room via Internet

BOARD MEMBERS:  Kathy Anderson, President 
        Craig Illman, Vice-president
                 Peggy Noethlich, Secretary
        Norm Culbert, Treasurer
MINUTES:  Alice Dickey


QUORUM:  President Anderson asked if there was a quorum.  Alice Dickey stated all 4 Board member present.

PRIOR MEETING MINUTES:  President Anderson asked for a thumbs up from Board members if had read April Minutes, all had.  Norm Culbert made a motion to approve April Minutes as written, Peggy Noethlich seconded, all in favor by thumbs up, motion passed.  


CORRESPONDENCE:  Alice Dickey said all that has come in were service requests that were handed off to person in charge.  Nothing outstanding that hasn’t been answered.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  No enforcement activities.  Continues to work on Mission Statement.  Developing new chapter in Rules & Regulations to help with Board activities.


Hospitality:  [...]* has reached out to committee members to see if they want to have a Zoom meeting.  The next scheduled event is June 10 at Bastion’s BBQ, they are now closed and don’t have outdoor seating area, so we are in “wait & see” mode on government requirements, may have to cancel.  Next event scheduled is August 12 happy hour at Anthony’s Cabana.  Have noticed driveway happy hours between neighbors using social distancing, a good thing for people getting together.
Landscape:  Per Peg Noethlich – Committee had met in March prior to shut down.  May have outdoor meeting using social distancing.  Simply Yards in startup mode, had been away from Creekside mid-March to mid-April.  Grounds looking a little rough due to time away.  Worked two days this week and will be two days first week of June - have started on mowing, weeding, and pruning.  Sprinklers to be turned on next week, will be 2 people from Simply Yards, Efron being one, plus Peg and Norm want to attend.  Back flow test has been done and passed. Peg thinks must have new people on crews, been a couple of complaints about hitting bushes and using too big of mower – Peg will talk to Jennifer to get resolved. Some owners don’t want Round-up used on their planting beds, Peg will pass request on to Jennifer.  There have been two landscapes restoration plans submitted to committee – 1906 Place and 2511 Lane.  Peg reviewed and passed on to area lead person – both plans have been approved.  [...]* has been working the D Avenue gate area, some plants did not make it thru the winter, she has taken some items from the north berm and transplanted to gate area.  Peg, [...]* and [...]* doing more work in the north berm, transplanting Salal to other areas.

Craig Illman said he’d walked the northwest re-plant, looks like 90% survival so far.  He’s going to try to propagate some rhododendron cuttings of various colors, plant next fall, hopefully to make a rhododendron forest in the area.

Sue Worthy asked Craig if pictures could be taken of the new area and given to Dave Wenning for the website.

Norm Culbert said he assumed the blue covers were to protect seedlings from the deer, asked if it was working.  Craig said so far, so good.

RV:  Per Lee Worthy – Still have three 25’ spaces available.  There was a lost key for locks, reached out to space users, no one had it.  Norm replaced locks and lockboxes (couldn’t change code on one of old ones), he also attached a lightweight chain between lockbox and key.  Norm has been talking with asphalt person, are two areas in RV lot that will need extra work.  Norm will ask Dick and Craig to attend when he walks Village with asphalt person to get idea of what work is needed for streets.  

Discussion about whether Simply Yards should have code for RV gate - since had it in the past with no problems, decided to give them new code (deletes excuse they can’t get in to do cleanup).

Architecture:  Per Dick Walsh – Working on solution for patio fences at 2004/2006 Lane, thinks a vegetative screening would be agreeable with both owners.  Peg Noethlich gave background of problem – fences are old, in bad condition, hazard if fire in unit – no gate to get out.  She thinks should get quote from Simply Yards to do both buildings (also fenced patios at 2016/2018 Lane), important to engage owners to see what they would accept. Will need planting arrangement to give privacy, and still allow egress.  Discussion.  Decision – Dick will get estimate for new fencing, Peg will get estimate for plantings.  Dick said he is meeting Mike from Island Sash & Door next Wednesday to give quote on 3 windows that have problems.

Welcome:  Per Dick Walsh – Nothing to report.


Per Norm Culbert – Unanticipated expenses so far this year was $1717 for 2019 taxes (shouldn’t be problem for 2020 since interest rates plummeted and have 2 CD’s to renew).  Other unanticipated expenses were snow removal $435 and a plumbing repair $1296.  Discussion re: taxes – Norm reviewing.


Building Painting:  Per Peg Noethlich – Final Touch started May 4th, has completed 1917/1919 Place.  Now working on 1921/1923 Place.  Then moves to 2004/2006 Lane and proceed west to finish up at 2116/2118 Lane. Will also be doing spot painting at 1906 Place and 1912 Place, both have bare wood showing.

Maintenance & Repairs:  Per Peg Noethlich – Have completed 2503 Lane, bolt deck to ledger board per sale inspection.  Also completed 1801 Lane crawl space cover.  Brad Fowler will replace rotten deck posts at 2511 Lane and 2515 Lane.  He has ordered the glass for front porch opening at 1811 Lane (owner to pay half).

Roof Moss Removal:  Per Peg Noethlich – Contacted 3 contractors: 1 declined to bid, Clean Streak bid $35,000, and Frontline Services bid $7,500.  Frontline will clean roofs and do moss removal, start May 26, take approximately one week.  Peg Noethlich made motion to approve Frontline Services to perform moss and debris removal from roofs, Norm Culbert seconded, all in favor by thumbs up, motion passed.  Notice will be sent to homeowners.

Surety Crawlspace Inspections: Per Norm Culbert – Should have reports by next week, only had 3 units with locks.

Gutters:  Per Norm Culbert - Have a good price from Serene Gutter Company (other company very expensive).  He’s gone over the warranty, is 20 years for gutter replacement for leaks, damage caused by material failure. Price will run about $4,200 average, except for triplexes which will be about $5,500.  Two scheduled for this year because of damage to fascia, major gutter replacements will start after painting of all buildings is completed.

Street: Per Norm Culbert – Snow plowing lifted some of the crack sealing, will need to be repaired this year.  Overall seal coat, approximately $15,000 will have to wait until next year.


Lawsuit: Per Norm Culbert – Is in limbo at this time.

ADJOURNMENT: Lee Worthy made motion to adjourn, Peg Noethlich seconded, all in favor by thumbs up, meeting adjourned at 9:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Alice Dickey  

*[...] denotes redactions from original by editor.