Creekside Village Newsletter - May, 2020

Message from the Board of Directors:  Spring is here--time for owners to perform annual preventive maintenance. Be sure to add these important items to your “TO DO” list: 

Fire Hazard. Lint that builds up in dryer vents is a major fire hazard. If yours have not been cleaned recently, it might be time for professional service. Most vents terminate to the exterior at the back of the building; be sure to check that the “flapper” on the exterior at the end of the duct is opening and closing properly and might require replacement. 

Vent the foundation and crawl space: Remove the Styrofoam covers from foundation vents to prevent moisture accumulation and development of mold and mildew in crawl spaces. 

Inspect crawl spaces for leaks in exterior pipes and valves. Access to crawl spaces is not easy in many homes, and some may require a professional. Use the Home Maintenance and Repair form to report any issues, especially leaks and excessive moisture right away.

Inspect deck surfaces for deterioration and make plans for maintenance, repair, or replacement. Owners are responsible for this. 

RATS—A Heads Up!! Neighbors to the south of Creekside have reported some major infestations, and at least one Creekside resident reported seeing a rat in his garage. In May Surety Pest Control began the first of two annual inspections and treatments for pests, including rats. Reminder, residents have a responsibility to prevent infestation. Please refrain from feeding birds (except hummingbirds), whose waste attracts rats and other vermin. 

Hospitality Event Cancelled: The Creekside Hospitality Committee has decided to cancel the June 10th lunch at Bastion’s Brewing. Skagit County hopes to be in Phase 2 of Washington’s Phased Approach by early June, when restaurants will open at 50% table space and no more than five people to a table.  Meanwhile, we encourage you to get outside to enjoy our spring weather and beautiful gardens, talk with neighbors from a safe physical distance, and maybe enjoy a happy hour from your driveway or deck. Our next scheduled event is August 12 at 4 pm at Anthony’s Cabana. Stay healthy and put on your summer smile.

Recreational Vehicle Facility: There are three 25-foot (no power) spaces available; everything else is full. And, don’t forget, we offer a space and short-term hook-up outside the fence for visitors. Contact the RVF committee to reserve it.

Reminder: The Annual Audit Report is Available: The CPA completed the Audit for 2019. To obtain a copy, please contact Alice Dickey via email or telephone (see Roster). 

Project Updates: 
Spring Gutter Cleaning completed in May.
Major Maintenance: Building Painting. The Association will paint ten buildings this year.
         Work began May 4
 and will continue thru the summer months. 
Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal is in process May 26-30.

Other News:
Fiber Optic Internet Service REMINDER: The City of Anacortes is committed to expanding access to affordable, reliable high-speed internet service to residents, and the first area scheduled for service is the downtown commercial core. Because of Creekside’s proximity to the first service area, Creekside residents could realize savings sooner than most if we demonstrate a high level of concentrated interest. You do not have to commit to a subscription, but by adding your name to the City’s list of non-binding orders, all Creekside residents will have a better chance of getting this service sooner, rather than later. Call 360-588-8300 or email

Editor's comment:  To express interest, you may also fill out the non-binding order form at
Where it mentions property owner approval, the Creekside Board has already granted this.

“Zooming” into the twenty-first century: Owners can now attend Board Meetings and Workshops on-line via the Zoom application.  Watch your e-mail for meeting notices and invitations.  

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FAQ: Glad you asked that!

Question: I see notices for Board of Director meetings and workshops. What’s the difference?

Answer: Workshops are for discussing issues and projects in depth. Workshops are scheduled for three hours to allow plenty of time to review current projects, including owners’ requests, discuss proposed changes in governing documents, and prepare for upcoming Board Meetings. In contrast, monthly Board Meetings are for conducting the association’s official business “for the record.” These meetings last about an hour. They have a formal agenda that includes approving minutes from prior meetings, monthly updates of the association’s financial status, committee reports, and projects. Board meetings are where the association adopts its annual budget, passes resolutions and legislation, executes contracts, and authorizes payments.

Owners who request them can receive copies of Board Meeting minutes by email, “snail mail,” or read them on the web site,