Directors' Meeting Minutes - March, 2020


DATE & HOUR:  Thursday, March 19, 2020
PLACE:                Electronic

BOARD MEMBERS: Kathy Anderson, President
                                 Craig Illman, Vice-president
                                  Peggy Noethlich, Secretary
                                 Norm Culbert, Treasurer
MINUTES:  Alice Dickey

RESIDENTS PRESENT:  No in-person meeting due to “Stay Home Stay Healthy” order.

CALL TO ORDER: President Anderson gathered all information/reports electronically, forwarded to Alice to write Minutes.

PRIOR MEETING MINUTES: Peggy Noethlich made a motion to approve February Minutes as written, Norm Culbert seconded, all in favor, motion passed. 

TREASURER’S REPORT: Norm Culbert said has moved Key Bank CD and checking account to a CD at Bank of the Pacific.  Also moved a CD from Peoples Bank to a second CD at Bank of the Pacific.  Have opened a second checking account at Peoples Bank just for Reserve expenses.
Norm said he and Alice are working on new format for financials in QuickBooks, will separate Operations and Reserves into columns so easier to identify. 


            Architecture:  Per Dick Walsh - Received one request for an exterior modification, is working with the owner.
            Hospitality:  Per Mary Robbins – Luncheon is planned for April 14th at Greek Islands, decision whether to proceed or cancel to be made by end of March.  Will abide by Skagit County Health Department mandates.
            Landscape:  Per Peg Noethlich – Committee held its first meeting on March 2nd.  Members are Kathy Anderson, [...]* Peggy Noethlich (chair), and [...]*.  Each member has a designated area they will oversee.  Peg will be contact person for Simply Yards.  No new landscape requests in last 30 days.  The Committee adopted a mission statement, which includes a set of duties and responsibilities – see attached.
            RV:  Per Paul Benz – No new activity to report.  Three 24’ spaces available.
            Welcome:  Per Carolyn Walsh – No new activity to report.
            Enforcement Report:  During the first quarter of 2020 the Board responded to three reports of parking violations and one report of excess debris on walkways.  Board members resolved two issues by meeting with the unit owners in person, and offering options or assistance.  There have been no recurrences since that time.  In the third case the BOD issued a notice of violation and intent to impose penalties.  In the fourth case the BOD found the respondent had acted in compliance and that no further action is required at this time.  Correspondence and details are archived.
Renovation Pruning: Per Peg Noethlich – Simply Yards has started on Upper Lane, will move thru as far as they can with the 60 to 70 shrub quote.  Taking down to window height if doesn’t take more than 1/3 of shrub.  Due to age, size, species some will not be pruned.
            Gutter Replacement:  Many residents reporting leaking gutters.  Two buildings scheduled for replacement in 2020.  Norm Culbert will be lead in getting contractor qualifications and quotes.  Jerome Robbins provided 2017 information.
            Gutter Cleaning:  Spring gutter cleaning has started, will take approximately 3 weeks to complete, weather dependent.
            Roof Moss Removal:  Peg Noethlich is taking lead to get quotes for roof moss removal.
            Maintenance & Repair Report:  Eleven items have been brought to attention of Board by owners.  All are in various stages of being resolved.  Names/address/problem/status are kept in a running log.         

            Restoration of Natural Areas:  After the contractor, Pioneer Tree Services, removes dead cedar trees along northwest corner of property, restoration work will begin.  The association has purchased location stakes, tree protectors, trees and shrubs, and will relocate salal from the north berm to this area.  The plan is to stake random locations, dig holes, add potting soil, plant specimens and protect them with planting tubes.  Will acquire and install drip irrigation for each planting, the objective is to sustain the new plantings through the dry season.  Water will come from a spare hose bib at the unit of Craig Illman, project lead.  As a follow up, in coordination with the Landscape committee, the removal of some invasive species (ivy) will start.

Respectfully submitted,

Alice Dickey                                                                                           

 Creekside Village Landscape Committee Mission Statement
March 2020
Members of the Creekside Landscape Committee assist the Creekside Village Board of Directors (BOD) in maintaining the Community landscape.  Members work with individual homeowners in the maintenance and beautification of their areas, and provide suggestions and feedback on the Community’s landscaping plans and service provided by landscape contractors.
Membership and Term
Members serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.  Committee membership is reviewed annually.
Duties & Responsibilities
·         Attend Landscape Committee meetings
·         Participate in periodic walk around inspections
·         Monitor completion by landscape service providers as needed
·         Review and recommend landscape improvement projects to the BOD
·         Review homeowner complaints or requests regarding landscaping of planting beds and common areas
·         Provide feedback to owners on selection of plants, shrubs, trees and slope ground cover materials
·         Provide a monthly report to the BOD (committee chair)
·         Ability to physically participate in walk around inspections and provide feedback
·         Willingness to meet as a committee on a regular basis to review landscape contractor’s performance and provide feedback on plans for seasonal planting and long-range landscape plans.
·         Basic knowledge and interest in plants, trees, sprinklers and landscape management
·         Access to email used in committee business

*Editor's note:  [...] indicates changes or redaction from the original text.